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  1. Before Second Norway possibly disappears, can anyone please tell me where the Blake Sea Monster is? I've never found it. It would be appreciated! Also, any other underwater sea monsters would be appreciated. My in world name is Lila Swansong. Thanks you in advance for any help you may give !
  2. While I am in the US and we have several others here too, the school was founded by someone in Europe. We meet daily at 12:45 SLT. We are often here until after class until around 3SLT or a little after.
  3. For students 7-17. Can be a it younger or older but we do not formally enroll toddleedoo students though we do have some that visit and attend classes anyway.
  4. St. Columba Catholic Boarding School is taking applications! Fun, friendly and very active school that has a newspaper, a school choir that travels around doing shows on the grid and daily classes with extracurricular RP time. Located in the Toyah region, St C has been open for about 5 years now with an active town on 4 sims. School meets daily at 1 SLT. The setting is Ireland 1939 but with the school RP we are pretty flexible and do not strictly adhere to it. Contact me, Lila Swansong, in world with any questions or for a tour. You can also check out our open group on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/281592795312031/ for a glimpse into student life. It is where we post pictures and updates of the daily ongoings. Hope to see you around!
  5. Looking for a few more neighbors! Come visit O'Hare's Gap set in 1939 Ireland. Situated next to Sarah's Magic Kingdom the town offers beautiful homes to rent, a school, and many activities. RP is not always strictly limited to 1939. That is just the decor of the town. The school currently has over 25 students who all attend regularly and they also board there too. Bowling, Monthly concerts, Holiday events, there are always events going on and always people on sim. One of the more active and tight knit communities on SL. All shops are currently rented. We currently have a few houses vacant, stop by the real estate office in town. You can also contact me in world at Lila Swansong for a tour or any more information. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wilde/150/180/25
  6. Here's their group (it's Public) to give you an idea, class times are in there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/281592795312031/ SL URLhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wilde/213/170/26/?title=O%27Hare%27s+Gap&img=http%3A%2F%2Flecs-destinations-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fnew%2Fdestinations%2Fen%2F_img%2Fmidsize%2F5225.jpg&msg=Get+swept+away+by+the+quaint%2C+charming+atmosphere+of+this+rural+Irish+village%2C+set+in+1939.+Stop+by+and+say+hello+to+the+locals+at+Malone%27s+Pub%2C+or+visit+the+Blarney+Castle.+Don%27t+forget+to+enhance+your+luck+by+kissing+the+fabled+Blarney+Stone%21
  7. Eureka High is extremely active with a lot of people. St Columba school is G-rated and the average age is 12. It is located in O'Hare's Gap in Toyah. I regularly attend there and it's a close knit community,
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