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  1. while kicking notices and such a purchase of mine popped up and i accidentlly clicked discard. is there something i can do you get item back. it was a in world purchase?
  2. Suhexia

    breedable pet mia

    you confused me wwith smith and sim what?
  3. Suhexia

    breedable pet mia

    how do you clear your cache?
  4. Suhexia

    breedable pet mia

    my friend just brought a breedable pet and it was just born. he brought it to my holodeck. and took him out of his inventory and set him on my holodeck. he didn't have cllearance so where did the pet go ? and if it doesn't bounce back to inventory lost and found what does he need to do?
  5. I rented a holodeck and was take items back . by derendering them which make not have been the smartest thing . but yea. I accidently derender the shell of my holodeck. so it disappeared so all I see is sky now. if I uses another view I can see the shell. not sure what to do
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