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  1. Thanks to both of you. How do you do a "clean viewer install"? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am sure I am adding to a multitude of these types of questions but I have suddenly started crashing non-stop in SL. It started a couple of months ago and is so bad I barely log on to my account anymore because it's so unstable. I had no problems before this and suddenly I can't stay on longer than 10 minutes at a time or so.In the last hour for example I have crashed over 4 times. I am on a MacBook Pro laptop, standard OS, no special upgrades. Like I said, I had absolutely no issues over the last year and a half until the last few months. I am ready to pack in my SL because this is so endlessly frustrating and as far as submitting a ticket is concerned, there doesn't even seem to be an option to submit one for support of an issue of this nature. Not to mention, in the past when I have submitted a ticket (missing inventory) I didn't receive a response. Can someone please help me? Thanks!
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