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  1. A five part series on the Lennon/McCartney relationship. Very intriguing at time and explains some information not shown on "Anthology". Want a four day Beatle binge? I suggest this series.
  2. Or light them on fire. Which way is the wind blowing?
  3. I don't normally post two "whacha watchin'" in a row. In fact, it's never come up, until now. Watch the video above and then watch this one. The story of CSN&Y is simply fascinating.
  4. @Madelaine McMasters, in the words of the great philosopher Gomer Pyle "Shame, shame, shame!". I do appreciate the responses.
  5. I recently went wandering the grid, checking potential new groups to join. I'm not looking for anything extravagant, but a place I would happy to call my second home. Most places I have looked at had people on site, dancing and chatting away in public. So I can assume they weren't botish. As I stood at the entrance, looking at the frivolousness, I expected a simple "hi Schatzi, welcome to (insert name here)". What I got was crickets. I stood there and wandered a bit, so I could be noticed. Not a peep from the participants or the manager/owners. I'm not expecting a trumpet-led introduction, but a simple acknowledgement. Yes, I considered they were focused in chat. I've returned a few times, same results. A group I currently hang with said hello. In fact, it was the owner who invited me up to the dance area and when I arrived, members were giving me greetings. It felt nice. My point is if a group is wanting new members, someone in the crowd should step up and say a simple "Hi". It not only opens a dialog with a possible new member, but sends a vibe "check out our sim. Take your time, we're here and appreciate you coming". Automated greetings don't count. By itself, saying hello to others shows a lot about the group. Sadly, not saying hello shows a lot too. Am I mistaken?
  6. Fascinating documentary of Russian doping at Olympic events.
  7. One thing I have noticed is the 'density' of the light box in Coby Foden and Coffee Pancakes sample pics. They show a solid white while mine just has a circular image. This pic was/is set in ultra and using a desert sunset for lighting. Yes, there is some shadow, but I feel with the lighting placement, there could(/should?) be a denser area. Also with indoor photography, can it be done, muting the ambient lighting that comes with LL homes. Set everything to midnight and the indoors is still lit up like Fremont Street in Vegas.
  8. Before I run a stream, I run my music choice through Audacity to get proper levels and wean off excess fade. I then place in an order I feel is beneficial to the visitors (Not giving up all my secrets). Translated, to make a proper (to me) two hour stream takes about three to three and a half hours. What I'm saying is I work for tips and I appreciate the tips I receive. I worked for them. I don't willy nilly grab songs with improper levels or are in mono or some video. I'm picky. If somebody stops and enjoys what they hear, great. I'm happy to have the guests. If they choose not to tip, fine. It's not the end of life as we know it. There is always next week. Maybe then they will toss me some "Linden love".
  9. I tried. Couldn't get the shadow density I was hoping for. Ended up dragging everything outside and angling my Wetcat pose structure in an east/west configuration. Used a 'desert sunset' and tweaked the personal settings to bring the shadows into view and got what I envisioned in my mind. Kudos to @Charalyne Blackwood @Hunter Stern @Orwar @Josephine Carissa @Coffee Pancake
  10. That explains that. I dropped my levels to move some items around. Things tend to 'drag' when I get into ultra. Didn't think of kicking it back up. Oh wells. I have the set still up and can try again later. Learning new stuffs can be so much fun 😗
  11. I tried it and it worked well. Sadly, I lost the "intensity" (?) box (the second box next to the chosen color). No idea what I did. Had it and had my shadows. Now they be gone 😯 and can't get it back. I've removed the prim and replaced with a fresh one, still no luck.
  12. I'm assuming I can make that prim phantom and get the same effect? I will try that, using the example numbers in the edit page, you posted.
  13. I am attempting to do some indoor photography. I have tried the different lighting situations under the quick preference tab. I have no real problems getting my shadow likes using the same situations outdoors. In fact, I sometimes have to pull back. MY problem is getting shadows from indoor objects. This sample shows a cello and stool, myself, a bass guitar, paint stand and table. I want some shadowing behind them. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE LADDER OR CURTAIN. THOSE SHADOWS ARE BUILT IN. Am I missing a setting? Should I lose a setting? I've adjusted my prefs to close to ultra and am allowing Sun/Moon + Projectors, advance lighting and ambient occlusion (my lappy can handle the settings). Any suggestions?
  14. Is that an euphemism? I think cat juggling can be one.
  15. And they shall, Brooose! (See what I did there, an ELO reference...never mind. Rough crowd) It isn't like the orbs give themselves away with signage or flashing lights. In time, someone will have just moved into Belli and set their orb to zero warning. Be a cat hanging ten on the ground in short order. Gnarly dude.
  16. I can think just two reasons why someone would fake their own death: Running from the government. Running from the Mob. Faking ones own demise in SL is equivalent to getting involved in a police chase. A long police chase. When pulled over (or pitted), the officer asks why did you run? "I didn't have a driver license and didn't want to be taken to jail". Great answer Einstein, yet here you are.
  17. In the spirit of having a security orb, has it ever been suggested to simply set the orb to 'passive mode'? While the orb won't boot anyone at a set time limit, it will tell the owner that someone was in range for 1 - 2 minutes. This shows they were likely just driving, flying, walking or sailing by the house. That is acceptable. If a pattern begins showing longer than say, 7 minutes and happens on a continuous basis, this could give reason to list them in the ban section (key being: could give reason). My $ says they were just wandering by with no nefarious intentions.
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