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  1. I recently changed my skin from one bought at 7 Deadly Skins for an LAQ Next Level skin. I was able to render the LAQ skin on to the body, but the 7DS skin remains as loaded. I'm using a Maitreya body. How do I lose the 7DS skin since it's no longer needed?
  2. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a course or training (if you will) of how to be an effective, but fair Domme? I remember a weekly thing from years ago where the subject matter was being a good sub. I'm hoping there might be something in-world that might teach from the Domme side of life. Thank you Ren. Accept my apologies for originally posting this in the wrong forum. My thanks to the person who relocated it to the right place.
  3. A Whois search shows it out of a PO box, in New Windsor, NY and an AOL email address for email contact. I understand I'm not answering your question directly (pertaining to the LL legality), but if I need Lindens, I'd prefer to use the Lindex. I'm sure others will have a better answer for you.
  4. I'm attempting to learn how to create items using Blender. I've downloaded and opened the program (ver 2.70) and have to admit, it seems intimidating. Is there a "Blender for Dummies" available online or maybe someone can recommend a simple project to start with and get my fingers dirty? Checking past posts here helps somewhat, but SL Answers doesn't necessarily date these responses, so I don't know how out-dated the suggestions could be. Thanks Rolig, I'll check your suggestion out. I appreciate your answer. As for some posts not dated, I present you with some of the past info I was referring to. As you can see, no dates. I thank you again.
  5. I recieved an IM from someone I have no clue to who they are. The IM read (I blocked the senders name): xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx has given you this object: Bonus up to L$10.000. (Wear and allow.) Do you want to keep it? "Mute" will block all future offers or messages from xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx The IM stunk to high heaven for no picks or groups were listed. Topper is they were not in the sim I was in when I got the message. I declined, but found no way to possibly report this individual. What is the procedure to report someone for suspicious IM's (obvious suspicious ones)?
  6. I think it's one of those sims that are largely alts and bots, to attract more people, making it look busier than it really is. I looked at their webpage and yawned. Far too many prison/urban sims around that don't require the info Providence is asking for. I passed.
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