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  1. I'm having a issued and hopefully someone can share a little light for me... So I recently added the BOM to my Genus head, however I'm running into a problem, when I get ready to take pictures and I set to the advance lighten my hair base disappear. It only reappears when I do not put it in Advance Lighten. Need to know what I need to do... Please Help .
  2. Okay Thanks and I'm going to try it now and will let you know if it does work
  3. So I created the shirt in marvelous-design then imported it to blender by using the obj file, Could this have caused the problem. Sorry for not being very well educated on this.. Just now learning.
  4. I do click on the Avastar Online Help but it is not helping me with what I need .
  5. This is what I'm getting when I try to bind it
  6. Passion2010

    Broken Mesh

    Hello, I'm learning how to create and I'm doing a mesh shirt, but I'm trying to ridge it but it will not keeps telling me my mesh is broken and can someone please help me on how to fix this..
  7. I purchased these items: and still have not received them. I contacted the creator but no reply back I need to know how to get my lindens back or my items. Invoice # 1290002076 Ordered on February 13, 2012Order Status: Delivered Description Item IDs Unit Price Qty Total: Hot tub - Jacuzzi SerenitySold by Jasmina Weezles Visit The Store Review Product 55184476 L$1,100 1 L$1,100 1 item has been delivered Living Room Olympus (216 animations)Sold by Jasmina Weezles Visit The Store Review Product 55184477 L$800 1 L$800 1 item has been delivered Dining room Sparta with sex and food menusSold by Jasmina Weezles Visit The Store Review Product 55184478 L$400 1 L$400 1 item has been delivered Bedroom White Magic (202 animations) Sold by Jasmina Weezles Visit The Store Review Product 55184479 L$500 1 L$500 1 item has been deliveredTotal: L$2,800
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