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  1. Dear whomever manages the Second Life Marketplace, please PLEASE pretty Please, set the Demos under their own category !!!! It is very time consuming and highly frustrating to browse 85 pages of demos before finding what you were looking for! Seriously, it has gotten ridiculous. We consumers Thank you for understanding!
  2. Looks like my question got lost somewhere. Anyhow last night inworld, I bought 6 outfits and unpacked my purchases but they never reached as far as to my inventory. When unpacking I saw all the items but then all the 6 outfits disappeared, only empty forders and packings are left. What should I do? Thank you both :) The packs are empty and they were no copy items. I re-rezzed the boxes to check If they were empty. Not sure if contacting the seller will help because there was no failure with the delivery nor with the packages (purchased inworld), I had the outfits in the packs. It sounds to me more like SL/tech problem, don't you think.
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