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  1. Yea, checked into order history with this guy, turns out that he is, in fact, a scammer pretending to sell items and sends worthless junk instead. And since you say that Linden refuses to get involved in disputes like this, I can only hope flagging his "store" will prevent people from falling for this jerks scam.
  2. Thanks, I'll look into it, but given the contents of what was delivered I'm betting it was a scam. Not so much looking for a refund now as much as I;m looking for Retribution.
  3. Clearly a case of false advertising. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Iton-Crux-Genderless/1881168?page=1 I bought this, and all it sent me was a pack of guestures. I need to know what I can do to get a refund or get the real item.
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