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  1. Well, I have a bigger problem: Now, it only works once per re-install. Would I be able to play again if I used a 3rd party viewer like Vanilla?
  2. I'm on an XP.:matte-motes-asleep: EDIT: Also, I don't speak endless strings of random letters and numbers. :matte-motes-angry:
  3. It doesn't even REACH that point, dude! It just says something about VFS, then crashes
  4. Seriously. I have gotten 17 FRIGGIN CRASHES IN A ROW NOW, ALL BEFORE I CAN EVEN LOG IN. Yes, I cleared my cache. Yes, I restarted my computer. HELP.
  5. Still... I've never one this before.... And I dunno how to get the pieces back after I delete them! :robotsad:
  6. .................Dude. I'm not a tech ed grad! I HAVE NO EFFING CLUE WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE EVEN TALKING ABOUT. Is there a less complicated way to do this?:robotsad:
  7. So I just updated my viewer to 2.4.0, and I tried to go onto secondlife, but it won't even get me to the start screen, instead giving me a crash report as soon as the loading bar says "Initializing texture cache". I tried filing the reprt, but it says there was a problem sending it. HELP!
  8. I'm short on L$ and figured I could return some items I don't particularly like anymore. But I don't know how. Could somebody please help me?
  9. Kyle Species: Dimensional Slider Brief Bio: To say that Kyle has been places would be an understatement. He has befriended magical creatures, studied aliens on several distant planets, watched bad movies on a satellite, and even been to places one cannot imagine. He can even shapeshift his form to better blend in with his surroundings. He doesn't usually talk much, and his helmet masks his emotions in his true form. Kyle always believes that a peaceful solution can be reached, but is not above simply pulling out his flintlock and blasting your head off if you peeve him too much! Quote:"... Impressive."
  10. I started after a while as a Renamon, with this: Then, into Anoch: Several changes later, I decided I'd do an infernal approach: And, just today, this: Holy hell, we "Lindeans" really change a lot, don't we?
  11. Okay, what is this? I'm 16 and I can't enter Moderate regions? What is in there that I can't handle? I'm smart enough to avoid strip clubs and "Adult"-ish places/things, why can't I access it? Sorry if I'm ranting, its just so frusterating when you're stuck in general while all your friends are in Moderate or Adult regions! >_<
  12. Could you give me a landmark? I can't find it in search. Is it General content? Edit: NEVERMIND, it's Adult. :robotmad: I effin' hate maturity confines.
  13. ~Moderate. Maturity. Level. Why is it that Moderate isn't available on the Teen Grid?! >_< It's so annoying! "Okay, I just got this landmark to this really cool place! Let's g-" You are not allowed in that region do to your maturity rating. "FFFFFFFF-" ~ People who think 1L$ items are "free". : /
  14. Linden should really look into this, maybe then I'll finally be able to use my old account again!
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