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  1. Hi all, I am wearing Mama Allpa for the Amazon rp Sim I'm in ( it's mandatory), but I do not want to get pregnant. I've looked through the forums and on Google, but nowhere can I find where it explains the pill process. I have them and I see them attached to my HUD. I'm wondering if it's automatically taken or do I have to do that manually. If manually, what happens if I accidentally skip a day? How do I know when I'm running low, I didn't see a meter to keep up with the days. Pretty much any information at all in regards to the pill would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi there! I'm 9 years old and have yet to make any real connection with friends. I was off for a couples years and now that I'm back on, everything has changed. I have no idea what the mesh is and struggling how to figure it out. But it's a good excuse to go shopping. I like small groups and kinda feel like the whole party scene is over rated. When I do go out to dance, the lag is atrocious and no one talks. I like exploring and decorating my home. Hanging out at the house, movies on the tv inworld, AO shopping and hair shopping, art galleries, driving and riding motorcycles.
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