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  1. I was at violet...someone crashed the sim...i was using a third party viewer and icouldn't get back in i uninstalled it restarted my computer even installed viewer 2 still stuck at loggining in i've tried different viewers told it to log me in elsewhere its been going on for about 1 hour now...
  2. No voice and alot of just adults. I mean theres so many simso n the mature sims like Waterhead, Moosebeach, buried, dirty souff, and all those cool sims where you can kill stuff ect...ugh....I MISS THE TEEN GRID =*9
  3. I'm asking not just u but anyone if they know the top 10 highest traffic general spots in sl, excluding ahern/violet.
  4. actually lol i use emerald new versions phoniex i think phoniex, and i know how imprduence works
  5. Just the highest traffic sim in SL that are general top 10 is there anyway i could do that
  6. Are you sure? I mean is there a search function where I can search top 10 general sims with highest traffic or something, or someone could give me a list, all I know is Ahern/Violet and those are info hubs.
  7. Yea, it looks pretty lame, gosh I miss the old teen grid when general sims had more then 3 people.
  8. Does it have voice and stuff like second life?
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