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  1. My homestead region has been offline for at least 24 hours. I'm not sure what's going on, but I just contacted the landlady and filed a support ticket with SL.
  2. Qie Niangao wrote: President-elect P*ssy-Grabber slobbered that he'd date a 10 year old in ten years, and he's appointing a jackbooted thug to Justice, so it could be dangerous for citizens to complain about pedophiles, post-inauguration. __________________________________________________________________ I'll keep that in mind. I already have several strikes against me should the jackboots begin to march in earnest; insanity, the artistic temperment, and a fine liberal arts education. Might as well add pedophile-intolerance to the mix. (Oh, and lets not forget those anarchistic, revolutionary, left wing activities we were involved in way back in.....nevermind. For all I know you're a spy for the new order. Where, exactly, in Arizona are the fema concentration camps located? And can they possibly be worse than Sheriff Arpaieo's DUI prison camp? Not that I've been there myself, mind you.......) Yep, ever since our hand was trumped by the new Predator-elect, Mexico has been sounding better and better. I'm sure they have pedos there, too, though.
  3. A pedo moved into the m-rated residential estate I rent a parcel on several months ago. First thing he did was set up a little pink house in the sky for his seemingly 7 year old GF, complete with a transparent floor, sex-animated baby toys clearly visible. (I can only assume exhibitionism ranks among his kinks). I was curious about the SL pedo phenomenon, so I looked. Sorry if that offends anyone. (Not really). I've watched the pedo go through at least 3 child avatar GFs since then. He no longer rents a parcel on the estate, (at least in his pedo form), but he's always there with one child avatar or another. (The LAG is horrendous when he's there; I can only speculate as to why.) Sometimes he and his current kiddie are on public land, not, however, having pixel sex, at least from what I've seen. I used a child avatar for a long time and never had anything to do with SLEX, at least in child form. I no longer go around as a child since the pedo moved in. His latest GF posts real life pictures on her profile of a Child, (not a teen or pre-teen). She appears to be about 5-8 years old. She might be 24, or 74, in real life, but she presents herself as a child. I don't want to be a whistle blower, or a spy, and I'm usually of the "anything goes between consenting adults" frame of mind, but this is pretty disgusting. I don't think I'd go so far as to rat him out. I am not, however, as "live and let live" as I once was. It's not the child avatars but the pedos who are to blame. Of course, anyone can see that some avatars are pedos in child form. As a blatently NON-sexual child avatar I used to get propositioned and molested regularly, by both men and women. It's the culture that's to blame; also the secrecy, and the thrill of maybe getting caught, maybe getting away with it. If I ever run into the pedo on the grid I'm definitely going to tell him what I think. The one good thing about it is, if he's doing it here, maybe he's leaving children alone out in the real world where they really Are kids. Or maybe not.
  4. Chic: I tried stacking 60 meter high megaprims with a new 1024 texture and it seems to be helping. I haven't got the new textures perfected yet, but I think it will work. Maybe. Fingers crossed. I'm going to go on a search for some of your surrounds and see how they look on my computer. I hope you don't mind.
  5. I've read about texture thrashing, have experienced it in other places, and attempted to avoid in in several ways: 1) I use almost no 1024 textures on the sim. The only one I can even think of right now is the sim surround. 2) I used three 512 textures for the ground; the ground "sandstone" texture on the high elevations I also applied to most of the mesh, sculpt, and prim rocks, pillars, walls, etc.. (I also added a couple of other 512 textures, but you can get the drift.) 3) I don't see how it could possibly be texture heavy sim, at all, since there are few objects and it's fairly empty. However, I'll look into it again. Maybe some of the MP items are texture heavy like you say. But...If it were texture thrashing, it seems like it would be worse in places where I have plants, furniture, lots of small items, but that's not the case. The blurring seems to be far worse in the empty areas where there might be only 3 or 4 512 textures in view. I've been promised inworld assistance with this; hopefully we'll be able to resolve it soon. Something else occurred to me: might it have more to do with what we're wearing than what's on the sim?
  6. What I do is make a new sub-folder with a new name for each edited object. It's a workaround, but at least I can usually tell which is which.
  7. Thanks, I got you. (Actually, 1024 pixels is 1024 pixels regardless of the resolution, it was just something to try.) Because I can't make mountains and sky tileable, I'm thinking I need to use sections, or stack one 64meter tall megaprim on top of another until I reach the height I need, with a plain sky on the upper boxes. I have several fish to fry, so I may just have to put up with it for the moment. There's always something that needs fixing, isn't there?
  8. Thanks again, I'll go check it out. Meanwhile, I have 2 months to either resign myself to being simless, or come up with a game plan. It's all good.
  9. Thanks for not telling me to go piss up a rope. I truly appreciate it. I have a few ideas in mind, yes, and honestly, if I had the cash I'd shell it out without balking. I just want to build. Renting was precisely what I had in mind, as well as selling my own stuff. Not because I'm a cheaspskate, (or unemployed), but because I can't afford even the bargain basement price of $125/month to rent a sim and I really, really, really want to keep working on the one I'm working on. For a long time. Until I'm finished would be nice.
  10. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: You won't get that kind of idea here. If I had one, I'd do it myself and not tell you. :smileywink: Because Second life is a zero sum game? OK, well, It wasn't really a waste of time asking here. I certainly got the general consensus; discouragement seems to be the order of the day. Could this be part of the reason people have deserted the grid in droves, maybe? If I do manage to build my build, I'll make sure not to tell anyone. I'm under no illusion that I possess any special genius, in particular when it comes to marketing. I am, however, a working artist, and that makes me not only exceptionally bull-headed, but, to my eternal surprise, somewhat of an optimist. Thanks for the input. Cheers!
  11. Something else just occured to me; I've been saving my textures (512px/sq and 1024px/sq) at 72 pixels per inch. I wonder if that has anything to do with it? I'm still stuck in old school, and that was the resolution we always used. I have no idea if everyone's doing it differently these days, maybe. 100 px/inch, possibly ------------------------------------------------------------- Update: the new 512px upload was terrible. I tried re-uploading the 1024 px texture, and had slight, and I mean slight, improvement. The texture is still blurry, but at least the artifacts are gone. Changing the resolution for 72 px/inch to 100 px/inch made no difference whatsoever. It's fairly obvious to me that I'm going to have to rethink this whole thing.
  12. Yes, I am considering making the move to another grid. But I'm still not convinced that a Second Lifer has to resign themselves to paying $125 every month out of their own pocket in order to create a sim for others to use. Is there anyone reading who has actually tried to do what I'm asking about, and succeeded, or failed? I have very good reasons for wanting a full sim, not the least of which is the ability to control the land textures. I want the space. I need it to build what I'm building. There's also lag to consider, a big issue with me. A skybox, or my little island, just isn't going to cut it.
  13. Yes, that would be one idea. I was also thinking about something along the lines of renting it (the sim) out by the hour.
  14. I wasn't thinking of limiting potential income to donations. Surely there must be other ways to make a sim pay for itself, without filling it with hair stores, preferably. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had any success at this sort of venture. Or even lack of success.
  15. Pull a "give all contents" script (from the box something you bought came in) into your inventory. Make sure it's a full perms script, just to be on the safe side, or at least copy/mod. Rez a box. Drag whatever copy-permitted items you want to give away to the contents section of the edit window. This can be objects, notecards, landmarks, etc. Add the "give all contents" script you just salvaged. (If there is floating text, you will have to open the "give..." script from the contents section of the edit window and change the text line to say what you want it to say. If you don't want floating text, remove the title, just leave the quotation marks. Then it will look something like this: llSetText("", <0,0,1>, 1.5); Not all "give" scripts have this floating text line, however.) Do whatever else you want to with the box, color it, texture it, change it to a sphere if you like. Add horns and a tail if you feel like it. Leave it as "click to touch" in the general section of the edit window. Rename the box if you want; then you can find it again after you take it into your inventory. Take the object or a copy of it into your inventory. Test your new object to make sure it works. If it doesn't, either you did something wrong, or the script needs to be modified, which is beyond the scope of this reply. That's the simple method, I hope it works out for you.
  16. I've asked only one long time multi-sim owner this question, and she gave me a flat "No". And yet, she keeps expanding. I don't think she's a millionaire, either. Sooo... I thought it might be a good idea to get a few more opinions before I throw in the towel. Is it within the realm of possibility to purchase or rent a homestead sim, have it open to the public for recreational purposes, and set it up in such a way that the sim pays for, (or almost pays for), itself? What are a few ways this might be accomplished? I do not want to become a real estate baron, open up a shopping mall, or become a hair or clothing manufacturer. I just have a vision, already implemented on a temporary sim, that I would like to further develop. I'm open to hearing all kinds of suggestions, (although I feel under no obligation to follow them, lol). My vision is a fully landscaped, themed sim, and I don't have or want any partners. I only need a homestead sim, not a mainland one, but I do want a full sim. Would it be preferable to rent, or to buy? Has anyone out there had any success with this kind of thing?
  17. I'm still dealing with persistant texture issues on, unfortunately, my main texture, primarily. I use a 512x512px texture throughout, and it insists on blurring all the time, not just for me, but for other people, too. The texture is not corrupt; I was able to resolve many of the blurring problems by using TextureLoadFullRes on the debug menu, (which causes its own problems, mainly of performance, but at least I know it's not my texture). Clearing my cache does not help. And if it's blurry for me, my friends say it's blurry for them, too. One of them took snapshots and showed me how blurry it looks on their much-better-than-mine system. The sim surround is another issue. The 1024p sq texture has become increasingly more blurry with time. I took several snapshots; 3 with my viewer cam, one with the snipping tool, and, as anyone can see, the texture itself is fine and should work. So why does this particular texture insist on blurring when applied to the sim surround, and how can I resolve this? (The sim surround is a 256m cubed megaprim; I don't know of a better way to make this sim surround.) TextureLoadFullRexz did nothing to unblur this particular texture. It's not the normal pixellation that occurs when you blow up a low rez picture, either. It's somthing else. As an experiment, I applied the surround texture to boxes of various sizes; It blurs a bit on a 45m box, and it also blurs somewhat on a 7m box. I'm just not getting this. If anyone can help here, I would greatly appreciate it. 
  18. This post might be an oldie, but the script works like a charm and was exactly what I needed for my gate. Thanks!  (The root prim should be apparent in the picture. No modification needed; I just copied and pasted the script as written into a new script and it worked perfectly the first time.)
  19. And yet another glitch: Can anyone explain to me why various sculpt object have an annoying tendency to go invisible on me? I have no idea whether or not other people can see them, but my searchbert can, and does, find them. Until today they always re-materialize as soon as I restart the sim, but now I have one that seems more reluctant to re-appear. I can neither see it nor delete it, and it's driving me mad. Is there anything I can do about it? Please, let me know.
  20. Thanks for all the help. Right now I'm busy modding scripts, texturing and retexturing comes next.
  21. I have made tileable textures. I've made this particular texture tileable, in fact. I lose the directional striations I like when I make it tileable, and I wind up with an eye on each tile, not an attractive look, IMO. I could go with a less definitive pattern, but I'm very reluctant to entirely abandon the texture I used for my test.
  22. Thanks for your reply, I had pretty much ruled out texture thrashing already. Tileable means I'd lose the sandstone texture that I like, which I might be able to live with. But using a tileable texture on the sim surround, megaprim that it is, would be a bearcat to put it mildly. I may just have to put up with blurryness on that. I'll think about alternatives. Unfortunately, it's a necessity; I'm screening out a 4000 meter high rainbow colored installation (and another tall build on the other side) that really messes up the long view from my desert sim. I will seriously consider what you wrote, though, when I have time to take it all in a little bit more thoroughly. Thanks again.
  23. I have one texture I'm using throughtout my sim, it's a test texture, mind you; I'm aware that it's neither seamless nor perfect, but I like it. I'd rather not have to use a tileable one on most surfaces; I have my reasons for that. I am a novice builder. My problem is that my very clear, 512x512 texture, which works well on some objects, becomes blurry a lot of the time when I try to stretch it, or shrink it, to fit other onjects. I'm new to this, and I'm fairly sure it must be something I'm doing wrong. I haven't been able to find a solution through the wiki or other forum threads. I've read that it's best to use one size texture rather than multiple sizes of the same texture, to conserve resources, and I've also read that using one texture throughout should be easier on computer memory. I keep asking my friends how the texture looks on their more powerful systems, and the answers I get are vague. There does seem to be some blurriness apparent to everyone, however, so I don't think it's merely my computer. And clearing the cache did little to help un-blur my textures. I'm including a couple of pictures to illustrate the problem. Textured objects range from components less than a meter high to a megaprim surround that's sim sized. (The sim-surround is uniformly fuzzy, and I don't want it to be. It was perfectly clear and focused when I first applied it.). I do hope there is a useable solution for this, because the sim is shaping up nicely, all in all, except for a few not so minor glitches. I also tend to get a lot of blur when I use the roughness function in the texture editing window. That's not as big a deal because there are easy workarounds for adding roughness, (such as doing it in photoshop instead, before I upload the texture).  
  24. Got a taker, so maybe this wasn't such a dumb idea after all. Yippie! Only took an hour or so to find a home for the doggies.
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