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  1. but its ONLY firestorm not other open programs that crash at same time and its not heat, it just did it again 5 minutes after I turned my laptop on, and I am now on a cooler (fan) as well... it seems like the software for firestorm is causing the graphics card to crash.. if Firestorm is not on it does not crash.'
  2. Help, I cant stay logged in! My good laptop is in the repair shop. I brought out my older one, and had the same guy remove the malware, now it worked ok for a few days and was even full of my DJ stuff all working well in background. Well tonight nothing really changed, but suddenly I keep crashing and its getting more and more frequent. At first it was every 30 minutes to an hour when it started, but now a few hours later I cant hardly be in SL 5 minutes... then the backlight goes out on laptop and i can tell in the dark screen with light from the room, that SL goes into (not responding) mode. Other programs are still running fine. What could cause that! SAM doesnt crash when Its on in the background nor internet (btw, SL crashes even if its the only program open so its not that) HP d7 Windows 7 Firestorm Updated (today even to see if that would help, nope)
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