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  1. Congrats! I am thinking of letting mine go, I don't love it.
  2. I agree, I kept thinking there was something I should have been doing yesterday, and my refreshing finger was in shock at having a rest!
  3. Well I hope tomorrow is a better hunting day for you, and you find your perfect spot.
  4. Oh glad you got a river spot, that region is lovely
  5. Yes the first one, then 24 hours after the time of your second abandon, etc.
  6. So who here got Hammond Park? Was a bit disappointed not to see any recognisable names on my radar.
  7. 5, but staggered so whatever time you abandon a house, 24 hours later you can try again, and so on. So you will only wait a full 24 hours without a go if you abandoned all 5 in quick succession. I know this because as a complete geek I have kept a spreadsheet of all my tries so I know when I can try again 😀
  8. So glad you have got one of your favourites. Are you retiring now? I am! The parcel is more open than I would have chosen but I can work round that, and I really can't complain, and doubt I could get better. Sea AND lake views, I just need to add some trees lol.
  9. Ooohhh thank you, thank you, I can't wait to see it! Have you got something there too?
  10. I think it backs onto it, I'm not sure, will be able to get in world in about 10 mins hopefully
  11. You just answered my question then! Hope all that wanted something got it. I got one but can't get in world to check it yet.
  12. Is it Hammond Park a lot of you were waiting for? Did you all get something there? Or have i got my regions mixed up as usual!
  13. I only just opened the forums and saw this so ran to my dashboard, and i got it, yay! I hope it is as nice as it looks, I want to settle down!
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