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  1. I would try Zoobys. I think that is how you spell it. They have wonderful inworld pets, excellent detail and fully animated for holding, wandering etc Lots to choose from too
  2. Sorry it took so long to get back to everyone. I have unplugged the router completely and now the computer is cabelled directly into the modem for the isp. Still no luck Would running windows 7 have anything to do with it? Thanks everyone for your help Spring
  3. I am wondering if anyone can please help. Everytime I tp into another areaa with a lot to rezz in I freeze and then get disconnected. Same for high populated areas. Can anyone suggest something that might help with that. I am using Viewer 2 Much thanks Spring
  4. Yes they can see both your online/offline status and your avatar
  5. Yes I have since tried Phoenix and Imprudence and no good I will try the others. I dont know what is going on o>O
  6. i will keep this as brief as I can. I used to play sl. I removed it from my pc about a year ago. Decided to start up again and downloaded the new viewer just today. It is the SL viewer. I can login fine. But after 3-7 minutes I am automatically logged out. I can walk and chat for the first few minutes but then my av is basically stuck in place until it logs out. I thought it might be the region so I have moved around and the same thing happens no matter where I am. I have updated my computer and I know I have the specs to run sl on ultra so that isnt the problem I dont believe. I have recently changed my dsl carrier to Optus (yes I am an Aussie) from TPG... wondering if that might be an issue?! Also have a Netgear router plugged in to my pc. No other pcs running from it at this time. Cabled up.. not wireless. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated at this time.. I am totally lost. Here are my computer specs.... Windows 7 Home Prem 64 Bit Intel Core i7 CPU 930@2.80GHz (8 cpus) ~ 2.8 GHz 12288MB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTS250 CHEERS :)
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