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  1. Greetings Dakota, that explains alot and ty for ut time replying to this, buw what about the items my wife got removed for intelectual property infringement? she has already submited a report to LL about that and no reply yet, she has all the proofs needed to show u that she used legal templates and created her own templates, but so faar those 2 items are still permanentely removed from slx with no reason. does that aplys to the part on number 7 where u sayd that "If the seller refuses to correct the issue then the product will be blocked/removed from the Marketplace and the seller will have to contact Customer Support and ask for the item to be unblocked so that they can correct the issue. The seller will also be informed as to why their product was unlisted." ?, because when se gets flagged she corrects it on the moment she gets the notification. Best Regards, Bogas Delicioso
  2. i completely agree with all the replys, some more some less, but i guess that LL has the last word on it as always, just letting u know as well that my wife got 2 items permanentely removed for intelectual property infringement, and guess what, on one of them she bought templates created from a 3rd person, legal ones that alows her to sell her creations with those templates and another that was entirely her creation, starting from zero, and yet was removed and i dunno why, she reported that to LL and yet no reply from them, i guess they just removed cuz of some fake report, cuz they ddnt took some time to get proofs that she has stolen the items and was reseling it, she has all the creations on her inventory as well in the hard drive of her laptop, cuz its what creators do when create something in order to have proofs that its theyr creation. i would like to see what LL has to tell bout this, but till now no reply from them Best regards, Bogas Delicioso
  3. my wife is having the same problem as u are, i have started a new thread on this forum, check it out, u may find it interesting
  4. PROBLEM The flagging system in Xstreet is being abused and this is a MAJOR ISSUE as people can be removed from the market. People are intentionally taking advantage of the flagging system using AUTOMATED FLAGGING SYSTEMS with items being flagged for all sorts of fake reasons. This is killing creators incomes. Examples A. Items flagged as being in the wrong place. B. Items flagged as not being the same as described in the photo that have no sales yet! SOLUTION 1. Only permit an item to be flagged once. If it passes a review it cant be flagged again unless the item or advertising is altered. 2. Only permit people who have purchased the item to flag it. 3. Block people from flagging an unreasonable number of items at once. (block flagging bots) 4. Error on the side of the seller. If you don't have time to properly investigate the complaint, don't delist the item! 5. Train the staff to be on the lookout for people "gaming" the system to remove competition. Many creators are having the same issue. If you have any input or comments please feel free to add. Please watch the issue as LL only look at the watching list not votes or we will never get this one solve https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3772
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