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  1. ank you all, it sucks tho, now i will never know where i had bought the outfit:womansad:
  2. Hi everyone i have no idea if this is in the right place, if not please can someone moved it to the right area... I wanted to know, why can't we get past Transaction information, i wanted to know about the year of 2007 but all i get is how much money i spent to LL, I wanted to know the name of the clothes I had bought, because when LL do roll backs stuff goes missing, I have told LL to no help... does someone out there know how i could find my missing outfits or get a copy of outfits bought in 2007? All help would be useful shelara Mills
  3. i made some zooby baby clothes, i had them boxed and the scripts where added, i had placed them all into the one box,i thought they were safe, about 10 minutes later i crashed, when i came back on the 10 boxes where now out of the main box, no note cards or scripts where in them, i looked in my lost and found, and objects nothing there.. please help as the scripts cost alot of money... I crashed not LL.
  4. i use Phoenix, and still am unable to get Lindens in world, its so annoying
  5. i don't have skype, but i guess i now need it, thank you Nyll
  6. thank you Katerina and Sahra, i did get Lindens but it was from the web page, i will try in world and see if its fixed for me, good luck to you both, lets hope its fixed for everyone.
  7. I am unable to phone the support # as i'm from australia
  8. Hi, how come i am unable to buy Lindens any more? my CC is still good and i was able to a few days ago. I got this message. Unfortunately you can not buy currency in this version of the viewer. And i was sent to a website to get my Lindens. Can anyone please explain why this has happened and what to do about it or is it a globel problem?
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