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  1. So... The last time I was "messing with" SL a while back, I had changed my avatar to one of the free avatrs in game--a quadrupedal werewolf. I recently got back into SL and have been trying to create a human avatar. I finally got the hang of what I want my character to wear, but when I exit the appearance editor, my avatar goes back into a "quadrupedal" pose--with her booty in the air. Does anyone know how I can correct this? Sorry if I posted in the wrong section of the forum...
  2. ...to a simple question. Why does SL 2.0 (or any viewer I have used) log me off after about 2 minutes, regardless if anything is loaded or not? It gives me a message saying that there is something wrong with my internet conncetion, when I have about three tabs open and all are loading just fine. I hope it has nothing to do with my firewall or anything like that. I find this extremely frustrating as I haven't even gotten through the first tutorial! If anyone can help, please break it down into n00b-friendly terms--I'm not a huge techie.
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