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  1. we are trying to come up with ideas to help with tier fee and we have a lot of donated prizes we are thinking of setting up a raffle to raffle off hte prizes to various people to help cover the cost of tier fee. is this allowed by linden labs
  2. ty i will take it one step at a time. i keep gettin syntax errors on the menu programing. the timer to the killing of the object is actually going to be a little independent program that i want to run.....
  3. my problem is i am very very new scripting...i mean really new....and though i think this is probably not the most difficult script ever written and after the light dawns on me i will be boing and take off and running. this is my idea for the whole long term script. 1 there will be some inventory in the object 2. i want people to make a selction in the inventory 3 when a specific number of obects in the inventory have been given i would like for the object to be deleted with lldie 3a also i would like to make a timer that when an object has been around for a certain number of seconds it dies. now i am pretty sure this will be a basic script not too advanced but i must be missing something since i can not seem to get it to work.... please help me
  4. Ok i am still feeling very very frustrated. from what i am reading it does not sound that hard to put it out, but i am still so new to sl scripting that i am not quite seeing it. I am getting a lot of the points...but, and forgive my hideous ability to map , this is the map that i basically want. Give inventory from the prim. the effect would be that when those items are gone the prim is delted into the ether sphere if 5 objects were given from the inventory then the object is deleted. the 3 biggest problems i seem to be having is the beginning the middle and the end. chuckles... i know i want a specific number of things to give out. i have been scouring the web for dialogue menues and i keep coming up wtih syntax error when i code them. I fear that i am really really lost. Can anyplease help me work this out...i would really appreciate it.... :smileymad: <---------- Frustrated newbie scriptor with a prehistoric brain
  5. I know this is a comon program. I see it used all the time from notecard libraries to food plates that offer 3 or 4 kinds of food. I have searched hte data base and have not found one. Does anyone know a good program for giving out multiple objects please? I can easily make a single object giver. it is the one that gives out multiple objects i keep having problems with. I would really appreciate help on this.
  6. ty so much i think that will help out big time
  7. i thought about that...but....i want to limit the number of stuff taken then kill the prim. I am worried htat someone might accidentally touch the prim and not take something and bring up the interger count then the prim would be killed before all that is suppose to come from it comes from it....so i need a way to track the number of times it has given out something....or....because of the nature of the limit of what is in the prim that is being given out. based on the number of stuff left in the inventory... when the inventory is empty in most cases i want the prim killed, but there is a couple of times i want only 1 or 2 things takend then the prim killed.
  8. I am new to scripting but i am wanting to create something specific. I want an object to be deleted with ||die after is has given a set number of things to anyone that touches it. ie. Avatar A touches the object and gets sample c and then avatar b touches the object and gets sample q then the object deletes along with the inventory contents How would one get it set up to tdo that. I can do the object givers from the inventory in the object. I am just not sure how to get it to delete after a set number of objects have been given out. Can anyone help me?
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