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  1. No changes that I can think of. Seriously, it was as simple as logging out one night, and back in the next to encounter the problem. I tried the TP to Smith with a cache clearing...but that didn't seem to do anything either.
  2. I'm having the most annoying, persistant issue here. It just started yesterday, for what appears to be no good reason. Whenever I log into SL, nothing in the world will finish loading. My avatar, clothes, inventory, and even friends list will load, although very slowly. Usually around fifteen or so minuets for everything to appear and become accessable. But the world and other avatars will remain incomplete. All objects are stuck in that low-detail, unfinished, orb state. I mean ALL OBJECTS. This includes objects attacted to avatars. In addition, avatar textures and clothes won't load. So, all I see are grey molds of avatars. My in-game web browser doesn't seem to be working either. Whenver I try to use the in game help menu, the browser simply pops up and gives me a 404. I feel like I've tried everything to solve this too. Most of the information I could find was in relation to when YOUR avatar won't load, so things like renderunloadedavatar and re-baking aren't useful (and don't work, I did try that.) I also tried uninstalling my viewer, using an older version, even using other viewers all together. But nothing is working. Any ideas or sugestions? EDIT 3/20/11 1:28AM Central Time Thanks for the advice, but none of those things ended up being helpful. I had already tried clearing my cache, both manualy by deleting the directory, and with the in-viewer menu. Teleporting to Smith or what not didn't make any additional difference. I did try resetting my modem and router as well. I'm actually pretty tech savy, so I had thought of those things too. My connection isn't the issue, I promise. I've got 20megs up and 2 down, a wired, secure connection. I started asking some people in-game about the issues, and it sounds like I'm not actually the only user experiencing this issue. Some people noted that it started for them with the most recent update to the viewer.
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