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  1. _Personally_ I think the informaton on this topic is quite confusing, Magic Boxes were supposed to have been done away with at the time of direct delivery, and now your saying that direct delivery will be done away with for this new market system? Let me explain my problem with this whole idea. People (who shall remain nameless) still are following the older methods/codes/whatever to this day about how the marketplace operates, creating -yet another fork- is a bad idea because people still believe that the old systems are still in place. Worse yet, some people believe the very technicaliti
  2. Not Alone - Me Too, now where the hell is the ticket page so I can finally get some Linden getting me my money?
  3. What part of this listing causes it to be errornously listed as adult: The item itself is a g-rated script to interface with g-rated batteries...*shrugs* https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Myst-Labs-3rd-Party-Battery-API/5941675 It's totally not making sense why it's listed that way to me.
  4. Ok I have RLV Scripted objects that should work, and my Relay is on and the API on Phoenix is enabled and I've also tried the offical RLV Viewerr, nothing works RLV wise since about 2 pm, I'm trying to figure out why? btw I got a messsage shortly there after from "Second Life" saying a bunch of #'s and RLV RESTRICTIONS in the middle of it.
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