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  1. I spent alot of time and money on making an alt avatar that looks, dresses, and behaves fabulously. 

    well, looks like my 1st avatar has developed a slush (2nd life crush) on my alt avatar and wants to be able to interact with him. 

    i don't want to log on under two different viewers and control both avis at the same time.

    i have a friend who just opened an account, who loves my fabulous avi and wants to take him for his own.

    Is it possible to gift/transfer an entire, totally complete avatar to another account not belonging to me?

    If so, how?




  2. since my only choices when rezzing items are "copy to inventory" and "copy and wear", how do i "transfer" an item into my inventory?

    i have lost more items than i care to admit because i can't figure out how to do this.  I'm getting tired of buying things and not being able to use or wear them.


  3. i created a group and added my alts as members.

    i set my linden home to that group on the first tab in "about land."

    i still cant figure out how to get my alts to my linden home.

    i can't offer them a teleport coz they can't be online the same time i am.

    i cant send them a landmark coz my linden home is not recognized on the world map.

    i'm using the phoenix viewer.



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