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  1. Some great advice there (see above). Another thing I like to do is turn off notices I will either turn off notices or leave the group entirely. You can access that in the "Groups" tab and then right click on the group and choose "View Info". From there un-check "Recieve Group Notices".
  2. As others have already pointed out the FREE TMP body is more or less a semi-working demo of the full product. It will have issues working with a lot of mesh clothing due to the fact that there is no ALPHA HUD included in the FREE version. Regular system clothing will also not work with this body. I do own the TMP Deluxe body and while I love how it looks—the HUD and limited selection of clothing available for it is a huge downside. After awhile it got a bit frustrating to walk by all these cute outfits that I could not use because even with the ALPHA hud the clothing would not fit right.
  3. I'd also suggest using a facelight or using an alternative windlight setting. The problem is that every user will see you slightly differently depending on their own windlight setting. Just keep that in mind. If you go the route of using a facelight just make sure its not overly bright. Most of them are mod so you can adjust how much light they put out. That will resolve the issue you're having.
  4. My guess would also be Ayashi. I am pretty sure its her work.
  5. I have the same issue as you do. A few days ago I decided to change my profile picture and it still will not load. I have cleared my cache, I've even re-loaded the pic in different formats and went as far as changing the size and I also tried another image entirely. Still nothing!
  6. Thank you! I really appreciate your help. My tv now works perfectly ♡
  7. Hey all, Tonight I tried using my tv set and I got a message that says "This plugin is not supported" ... Now I know the system works because my friend was able to see the content on screen but I wasn't. I have used the tv before so I am not sure why I am having an issue now. I did update flash, java and even Quicktime to be sure. The message made me think some other plugin might be causing the issue but which?? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  8. Ditto! I logged out to reboot my system and when I came back it says cannot login but I can log onto the forums, and the MP. If you try to sign in through the main site it just redirects to an outdated status grid notice. The server must be having issues?
  9. Hey all, I am looking for some cute emo-ish hair for girls. Preferably long, mesh, long swept bangs. Thanks!!
  10. Hey all, Has anyone seen some really cute emo-ish girl hairs out there??? Prefereably long, mesh and long swept bangs. Thanks!!! :)
  11. Thanks again Bobbie! I just happened to stumble onto another thread today and someone there said the amount is $600 for the year, and you say its $600 for the month. Do you know for sure?
  12. aww yay! Glad I was able to help you out. I am surprised nobody else got that one before me since her brand has been around for a really long time now. Of all the hair in SL she does the best stray hairs on her models. I wish more brands would be able to incporate some of that into their own designs.
  13. I am pretty sure that hair was made by D!va.There is a secondary option for that model that allows you to turn off the bun so that may throw you off a little while going through the pics. Here is a link to her MP store: D!VA
  14. $600 for the year or for the month? I have heard both figures now. Thanks for clarifying ^
  15. Bobby the wiki document says: What tax-related documentation do I need to submit to Linden Lab? If you reach certain L$ sale transaction volumes, the forms you’ll need to submit depend on where you live: U.S. residents will need to complete Form W-9 Non-U.S. residents will need to complete boxes 1-5 of part 1 of Form W-8BEN So does this mean that you don't have to do any paperwork with LL/IRS unless you cash out balanced over $600mo? Or if you decide you don't cash out at all then LL does not require any documentation ever? Thanks for clarifying ^
  16. That would probably be a good place to start coby lol. And then they should fully utilize support and feedback from the community to re-structure a better system which makes sense.
  17. As far as I have heard there are no current plans to do anything like that with the MP. With that said, I completely agree with you. Hopefully this is something that they will plan to work on with SL2, and then perhaps we may see a similar version released for SL? (crosses fingers).
  18. Yea, I saw a message saying "emergency maintenance" ... so I guess something came up unexpectedly.
  19. agree with Bobbie on this one ... a creator can charge whatever they like for their goods, and this extends beyond full perm creation tools. With that said, you sometimes get what you pay for ... use your best judgement, ask around and read reviews.
  20. It doesn't surprise me that the issue might only happen at clubs. With 16+ users there tightly clustered load times can be horrendous. Honestly I wouldn't be worried about it ... If anything I'd be more concerned about it occuring outside the club. Have you asked anyone on your aviation sim if they have any issues seeing you? I'd also suggest asking the next person that says they cannot see you to meet you somewhere else.
  21. Unfortunately there isn't a way to see how your avi looks from another user's perspective unless you load up an alternate client and run an alt.The changes in your graphic settings will do nothing other then change how you see yourself (which is not your issue). Are you experiencing this outside of clubs and how many avi's are there when you're having this issue? ... the problem you mentioned about crossing sim borders is totally seperate and is not the primary issue here IMO.
  22. Just to note, I wasn't getting any packet loss.
  23. My issues seemed to have gone away. Just try to relog ... if that doesn't help then relog after a little while and hopefully your issue should also go away. I am guessing whatever issue the asset server was having has been resolved.
  24. I am also experiencing the same thing. I did some bandwidth tests on my connection and everything appears to be OK there. I think the asset servers are having issues as I am mostly getting texture loading issues and timeouts on attempts to rez some different things.
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