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  1. I recived an email saying this Dear JadeBabey, Thank you for using LindeX to sell Linden Dollars! You have sold L$39,267 for a total of US$146.30. Thanks again - we look forward to seeing you in Second Life! Linden Lab and the Second Life Team i then did the whole process of puttin my email address into the paypal thing and stuff but now i have no recived anything?
  2. I have just sold my $L I have not been emailed about my sale or what is going on, I have not received the payments in paypal, I don't have a clue where all my $L/$USD have gone. I am very confused on what is going on.. Thank you for help x
  3. Do I have to buy lindens before I can sell I have a 24 hour buying trade limit of 100$us I am not sure how the buying and selling works, or how I do it.. Can I do it on a linden ATM in the actual game all help is much appreciated. thank you Jade
  4. I have baught lindens before, how do i know when my credit goes up? is there a certain amount i need to buy first?
  5. Hello all, Thank you for your help. I am trying to sell in my $L to US$, but when I try to do so it says, This transaction would exceed your daily trading limit by US$18.56. Your daily trading limit is US$0.00Transaction limit exceededThe system encountered an error while processing your order, please try again. I am just wondering what I have to do to change this, or what am I doing wrong. I have been on second life since 13th December please help me :) thank you
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