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  1. Movements that represent a purpose for both RL and SL. We live in a very special time where technology is contiously evolving. Our lives are interwined with electronics, computers, and science. Art in SL is quite unique as it is like an extension of real life. Projects in the metaverse vary in purpose. Ones that have soul have the ability to inspire and influence the hearts of people. Singularity Tribe is a notable example of that, after coming across it a few months ago its has that special "it" factor. It is an art, music, and literature project that promotes positivity in SL and RL. Its virtual location is rather spectacular too, a virtual rendition if technology and nature coexisting. I believe they have once a week gatherings for people to make friends and listen to music. Teleportation Link:http://slurl.com/secondlife//98/36/93
  2. Sweet just found out Singularity Live came out with their new remix podcasts for free. Podcast Link Here: http://singularitytribe.podomatic.com
  3. Moshang's music is pretty sweet, downtempo and really chill.
  4. Blake sea regions are really fun to sail. There might be a few rez points listed under search
  5. Going to visit different music venues and enjoy some good ole St Patty's Music!
  6. While hopping around various music venues, came across something pretty amazing. A group called Singularity Tribe had gathered to listen to performance by Alexi Ayres. She was playing live using synthesizers and drum machines to create a fushion of tribal and electronic sounds. Every beat and melody told a story from beginning to end. It was really enjoyable to be part of the experience and inspired a sense of peace and purpose to my life.
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