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  1. My phone is unable to view SL, so I am wondering if Linden or anyone else has created an external program for live SL chat? This would be handy for all users who want to chat to their online SL friends without the need to exchange personal information by giving them access to other such programs. My messenger program is in another name and I dont wish to have to create a new persona for use just to protect myself. How do us users get to suggest this sort of thing to the Second Life / Linden administrators? Would they be interested? If not...are there other users whom can create such a program? Thanks Chevy
  2. Pep No matter what the topic...don't pick on people's names. Cheval is my RL name...my mother saw fit to call me something she thought sounded exotic. Who knew some stupid translator would tell the world it means 'Horse'? Chevy
  3. I understand that Second Life is a way to escape from reality, but when you make friends...you should be able to rely on them to tell you the truth. If you don't wish to reveal anything...just say so. Lying to others hurts them.
  4. Hello...here in Australia, we were fortunate enough to recieve much support from the rest of the world during our floods - and in particular from the Japanese. We appreciate everybody's help, but many other countries have also suffered terrible hardship in recent times and have recieved well-needed supported. It is now our turn to offer our support and sympathy during Japan's time of terrible tragedy. I am asking every financial Second Life community member to purchase one of these wonderful Linden bears and to remember Japan in this awful disaster. For all members who rely on 'camping' to achieve $L...please visit as many as you can and save enough to also purchase a bear. Those members with Hover Titlers can also have the link displayed above them for wherever they travel in SL - to remind anyone who doesnt know about the bears to purchase one. My hat is off to Linden and all others who have offered their support - good on you! Chevy
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