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  1. Scratches my head -- they both seem quite similar, I *think* you need a smaller friction timescale to make the angular rotation stop more quickly. The angular motor decay will stop the force causing more angular motion but it wont stop until friction slows it down and stops it.
  2. yes Wulfie, what you are saying are the things that had/have me stymied. In the end I concluded it is just not practical to undertake. Thx for confirming it is the nightmare I had concluded and that I was not just overlooking some nice trick or framework.
  3. yes, but if I understand what you are suggesting (in the 2nd part of your answer) then this is what I am trying to avoid, I dont want to use avatar-motion as the vehicle-motion since it is unrealistic (you can turn sharply, single speed, etc). What I wish could be done is to block avatar-motion and use those arrow-keys to cause scripted motion suitable to a vehicle.
  4. Now-adays griefers have ruined much of SL, causing many sims to not allow objects to be rezzed. not for visitors, and often not for land group members since that group is often given out fairly freely. One of the big headaches that causes is for vehicles. if I have a car or bicycle, boat or floatie, plane or hang-glider then I am out of luck on many sims. I cannot rez my vehicle and hence cannot use it. Yes, you can have avatar attachments that LOOK like a car or bicycle, but they don't behave properly since they move as your avatar walks-runs-flies etc. Maybe I have just never e
  5. Does anyone have any additional ones already made? (to save having to go through the creation process) - are they online somewhere, or where/how can i get them ?
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