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  1. In Germany Browswer say: Fehler: Umleitungsfehler Die aufgerufene Website leitet die Anfrage so um, dass sie nie beendet werden kann. LeeLooNeko
  2. Hello Hunter, this is like me. I can´t go to pay oer i can´t go to the Marketplace. it is not a Problem wit the computer. At home i do it wit 2 Notebook´s and at Work with a Server. Wee need a technical Help ! LeeLooNeko
  3. Hello, i can´t go to the Marketplace if i am logg in. If i am not loggd in i can go to the Marcetplace and put thinks into the Basket but if i want to pay i must logg me in and nothing goes. Pleas help i like to by some thinks !! LeelooNeko / Martin
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