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  1. I'm looking for a fantasy medieval Adult RP area. Things I'm looking for are listed below, which I haven't been able to find. *Elves are slaves to humans.I'm not talking BDSM Slaves; slaves that accompany their master anywhere ,can move around freely when allowed or doing errands and etc. I don't want it to be a total s*x and BDSM maniac place. *Different social ranks. Exsample - 1)Humans: royals,upper and lower class citizens. 2)Elves: free elves,slaves Okay, I think that sums it up. Anyone know of a place like this?
  2. Hey, does anyone know of a adult rp area where humans are royals and elves are slave? Been looking and no luck. Ooh or maybe a adult rp area that has different social ranks like royals,citizens, servants, etc. ?
  3. yes i know it's on female shape, buut the problem is fixed now. that section is there again. guess SL for me that day wasn't working right. The female breast size area did not show up again till yesterday 4 watever reason. SL problem are always fun! =_= lol
  4. Hello. Airis here looking 2 work 4 you! I'm a builder,land scaper, dancer and gesture creator. As far as building/land goes, my rates are cheaper than most so you will save a lot of L$ but the best quality :) I can make shops, houses, decoration, avi attachments, and even some low prim objects (depends on if I can buy low prim kits) I get on at different times depending on RL stuff going on or not, BUT I'm on Monday-Saturday. Send me IM in-world. Usually build at Ivory Tower if you want to meet me and see some things I've made.
  5. Thanks Winter, I did that actually. Edit shape,torso, but breast size wasn't there >.<
  6. Hello, I'm want to make femboy shapes. I know the best way to do it is with a female body (make flat chested etc) and I was able to do it before second life viewer 2 layout changed. Now I don't seem to hav area to change breasts >.< and when I try it with a male body type there is always a problem with the arms,shoulders,neck,legs,and hips. What do I do?!?!
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