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  1. I got used to SL Viewer and it worked great for me, I use laptop with radeon card but there was no problems before, suddenly each time I try to poen viewer it stops at vfs and thats the end. I tried to reinstal the viewer clean this or that but nothing helps, I use exodus viewer now but I would like to use the one I got used to Any ideas what is wrong? Please help
  2. I agree with all and also with Pat's sugestion, there ale many ready shapes, meny wel known skins hair ao and well edited shape with proportions but olso with fantasy can make an avatar unique
  3. Since I decided to be sl model... and I do not do very well... I try to take some inspirations from blogs both sl and rl. when I need to wear a particular style, but I' used to be a goth and I was always in love in fantasy graphics such as Luis Royo and I always look for similar motives in sl.
  4. I cannot veryfy my age, I am from Poland and none of my documents works neither ne driving licence nor ID card I cant also handle the payment . How to do it? I am 30 year old woman.
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