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  1. If SL went poof I'd probably be upset at the investment I've made so far, the friends I've made, the ideas and places I've run into. But then I'd turn around and find something else to spend my creativity and discretionary cash on. Virtual 'stuff' is not much different from physical 'stuff'. Sometimes it goes away, and/or you replace it.
  2. *wavs at Penny* I'm going to reiterate Penny's advice here. SL's avatar shaping tools are notorious for being .. disproportionate. So it's best to start with something good, then change it SLOWLY, making sure all the parts are properly adjusted. I had the devil's own time altering my shape to reflect pregnancy progression! because it's not just about the belly size, there's all sorts of other stuff going on. But given time and attention to detail, you can do it. Also... you don't have to use the sliders. if you know the numeric values you want, just type them into the boxes.
  3. SL doesn't have a stock avatar for the transgendered folks. The assumption is (as people have said) that one would start from the stock avvie and then simply add or change to suit. There's LOTS of things you can do to tweak your look. I believe there's even a full-permissions crotch bulge available that you can then texture to suit your clothes (some of the guys like to use it because the stock SL avvie's missing that for them too!) Do keep in mind that you will need to be age-verified somehow to see this stuff on marketplace, or find it in-world, as a lot of the transgender regions require age verification. The link to my TG-friendly sim is below. I've a few vendors in the bazaar area that might be helpful. Also, there a small kiosk stuffed FULL of landmarks by the club entrance - you might find useful stuff at some of those locations. Trans-Cendance
  4. There's a few corset makers that add posture scripts to their products - not sure if the pose they enforce is high enough priority to overcome your AO. Rosal's products are particularly nice - she also does neck corsets, gloves, and ballet boots. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ROSAL-KLAUS-Velvet-Fur-Corset-Black/1660292
  5. There are scripts available that you can put into the Tangos to allow them to gently bounce when you're walking (they actually react to presses of the arrow keys!). Here's a trick for those comfortable with editing, if the clothing you got uses the Bra layer instead of the Top layer. In your Tangos folder is a dev kit in a box. rezz it and open it. inside you'll find developer appliers for bra, top, skin, and nipples. If you want to change an applier fron a bra layer to a top layer, rezz a Top developer applier on the ground, and then do the same with the applier you want to change. Vice versa if you want to switch from top to bra layers. Edit the vendor applier. Inside you will find a notecard called Applicator Config. drag that card to your inventory, but don't lose it! it contains the texture data needed for the clothing. If the vendor made it No Mod No Xfer, then you can still use the original applier. If the vendor made it No Copy, then doing this will disable the original applier! Now, edit the Development applier, and RENAME it to something like the outfit you're working with. make sure you include "Top" in the name if it's for the Top layer, and 'Bra" if it's for the Bra layer. Now, delete the Applicator Config that's in this applier - it's a stock texture and you don't need it. The applier will throw a script error, this is expected. Next, drag that notecard from your inventory to the contents tab. Take the new applier into your inventory and make sure you drag it to the folder alongside the original so that it's right there with the rest of the outfit. Attach it, click the button.. you should now see your cloths on the appropriate layer! And... for the folks clamoring for pictures... here's me doing some impromptu modeling of Larry Jeans's products...
  6. From a technical and gaming background, SL needs to do one thing to stay viable - constantly improve. They need to continually upgrade and polish both the world rendering engine and the toolsets for the residents. They also have to maintain most (if not full) backwards-compatibility while doing this. Otherwise builders, scripters, and users will be forced into their own upgrade cycle, and that will drive them away if it requires too much time and money. This... is a tall order. But I think Linden Labs can manage it, especially if they leverage code from projects such as Kirstens/Nirans viewers, or release rendering, 3D design, and inventory management tools to go along with the viewers. There's LOTS of third parties doing this already - writing code to display SL on smartphones and tablets, or compile and test LSL scripts offgrid. Full-immersion cyberspace has yet to occur, but we are getting closer and closer. I would HOPE that LL would be one of the first few destinations that offer full-immersion, and not lose out to some game franchise like Call of Duty or World of Warcraft.
  7. OK. First rule of defense against phishing: Know the domain you're supposed to be at. Secondlife.com is the ONLY domain Linden Labs runs, so if the server name is rearranged, or has "marketplace" or whatever tacked next to the domain name with no periods in between? It's not run by LL. This goes for any site you visit, be it SL, or Amazon, or even your bank. If there's extra stuff after the ".com", then it's a fake-out, don't click. Second rule: Any time you're told to enter personal data, look for an HTTPS header on the form - this tells you that A) everything sent between you and the site server is encrypted, and B) the key being used belongs to Site XYZ. If there is an HTTP lock displayed, but the certificate is expired, invalid, or doesn't match where you're going, then, it's a good bet someone's trying to shine you on. Never enter your userID or personal info if you don't see an HTTPS "lock" and verify the certificate as belonging where you expect it to belong. Third rule: If there's money involved (real or virtual), expect people to try and scam you. Refer to rules One and Two above, understand that you'll never get accounts suspended or corrupted, or be given exclusive beta keys or a sparkle pony, for no apparent reason .... and above all, if the email is legit, they wouldn't be asking for your email and your password.
  8. Brand spanking newbie here, but something I've noticed with V2.5 is, even on a fairly powerful machine, I will get heavy CPU utilization (80%+) and occasionally I'll see significant lag. This is on a brand-new quadcore AMD Phenom II, running Win7 64 with the full load of RAM (16GB) and SL installed onto an SSD. This same box will run any MMO out there at 60fps, only dropping to 40 when the rendering gets intense (highly populated or effects-heavy instances such as raids). I hardly ever see my CPU usage spike past 15% running any other programs. I'm not seeing a lot of other people around in SL, maybe three or four per parcel in the business areas and nearly none in my neighborhood, so I'm at a loss as to why the SL Viewer would need so much computing power. Are the other viewers any better at managing such things? have any been compiled as 64-bit versions and/or built to use multithreading?
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