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  1. Hey, I got a update message today and as always I updated my V2/V3. But when I logged back on I was shocked to find the new update had completly changed the look of things. I honestly Hate this update. I was wondering if there is a way for me to get the old style back. Any help would be great. Thank you.
  2. Hey, I got home from work today like any other day and went into my room to play some Second Life. As I tried to log in a recieved a error message saying I can't access Second Life from this computer. I didn't recieve a E-mail from LL and I don't recall breaking any rules that could have gotten' me banned, I tried logging in on another computer and still I can't log on. Anyone that can help, I'd be extreamly greatfull as I've been on SL for just under a year now and all up have spend around $200 on my account. Not sure if this has happend to anyone else but if it did and you found a solution p
  3. Yeah, I tried both of those, but still the same problem
  4. Okay, when I try to login to my SL Account I hit Login as usual, the laoding screen appears as usual, but when it is about to finish loading and put me in-world SL completly disapears... It just closes down leaving a crash report saying "Sending Crash Error Try 1". I use Veiwer 2 (Always have and not keen on changing viewers at all!) Everytime I try to log on this proplem accours.... Thanks for listening and if you can help that would be great!
  5. Everytime I fall my avi will fall for a smile while then suddenly become stuck in the air still in the falling animation but in one spot. When I move he will start falling for another short while then get stuck again. I find is really annoying, please help -_-"
  6. Thank you very much, and you don't like gestures!? DX Whats wrong with you?? XDDD
  7. I don't really have a problem it's just I was wondering if anyone knew if they will be making the steps limit in gesture higher?? For example: I made a song gesture with 16sound parts, arfter finishing It turned out extreamly quiet so I tried to do what I always do when I get a quiet gesture (Shorter ones) I double over on the sound. Eg. Sound1 Sound1 Wait:10 secs Sound 2 Sound 2 Ect... Anyway!! Just a question. Anyone know if they will make the limit higher??
  8. Wierd.. They didn't show up for me
  9. Okay, this is the third time i've posted this. Both times I've had no help. My problem is that when I try to log on, it gets the the point where the loading screen to put me in world is about to finish then it crashes.. Coming up with a message saying "Second Life Crash Logger Try 1" I would really like some help.
  10. Okay, when I try to log onto second life (V2) I will hit Login, wait for the loading then when it's about to finish my viewer closes.. Comeing up with a crash report saying "Sending Crash Report" I try to login again same problem. Please help
  11. Okay, A few days ago my SL Started randomly crashing. It loads to the point where I am almost in-world then the veiwer just closes only showing the crash report. A few days it wasn't this bad (It was like each day arfter getting home from work it did it but when I reloged it was fine.) But now it's doing it everytime I try to log on.. Please help.
  12. Okay, I was on SL just hangng with friends then I crashed due to lag, I thought Meh its fine. But when I loged back on my avatar was stuck as a cloud. Everbody else see's me fine but I still see a cloud, ive tried reloging, changing skins, restarting my cpu nothing seems to work, Please help?
  13. Okay, I hit the login buttin in my veiwer 2, Arfter this instead of coming up with the usual loading screen it freezes on a blank grey screen. Please help?
  14. A few days ago my internet suddenly crashed. Rafter I fixed it my Second Life Viewer 2 kept getting stuck on Initializing VFS. Rafter I had tried to uninstall it and install it again it still didn't work so I tried it on my other computer I had the same result. Everything I try doesn't work so I'm asking all you guys to try help me please.
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