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  1. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: Uh,....you don't get humor or irony do you? lol It is what it is.
  2. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: Adur Gaelyth wrote: So all this preaching and ranting is because somebody said "sickened" instead of "disappointed"? I see. Talking about over-reactions... Oh, you must mean the people who replied to my little initial comment, in this thread. I agree, they over-reacted. : ) No, I am fairly certain they were referring to you. You should take a look at your quote, is it not ironic that those who claim to be intellectual often are not?
  3. So why not just let the old names die out? If Second Life does nothing, eventually everyone with last names will eventually die out and be things of the past. Single names will be the norm and display names will be what everyone uses and sees. We can have a virtual world filled with bob1234's who call themselves John. Hello, John. Hello, John.
  4. Thank you for the compliment, although in reality I had to add an extra letter as the name of choice was already taken. I had no idea at the time that a sharp dressed Demon would draw so much attention from certain ladies. Funny fact, many persons immediately shortened my name in chat, most call me Demo and have confessed to being uncomfortable referring to me as Demon; the funny part is, is that when I was trying on skins with a kind lady friend, we joked that it must have been made especially for me as it had DEMO written all over it!
  5. I was not being facetious at all. It is a fact that exists in the Second Life community. It was especially prevalent when I was very new, I would like to think my appearance and demeanor has changed others perspective of myself, but it still remains true that many new Residents are treated as idiots because when they joined they were not aware that their user name would be their identity. We were led to believe that we were logging in to a world where everything was customizable. While for the most part this is true, our names are something that we cannot change. Fortunately for myself, I am rather fond of my name, but for those others that felt Phillip414 would do until they came up with a more fitting name for their character, well, they have been the subject of scorn, ridicule, and blatant favoritism from residents who were fortunate enough, such as yourself, to have been afforded the opportunity to have chosen a "real" name.
  6. I can agree with having Resident as a surname, among us, there is a certain honor at having been introduced to this world as a second class citizen. It has caused some of us to learn how to cope with discrimination based solely on the fact that we are not allowed proper names. Being able to have our last names reflect this dark time of Second Life's history would be a kind of badge, I would think.
  7. I agree, honerken. It is petty and trifling, especially in an environment that is supposed to be helpful and welcoming to any and all Residents.
  8. Petronilla Whitfield wrote: As I see it, the big issue for clothing is the combination of height and heft. I have a short, chubby avatar. If a boot comes in sizes A, B, C, D, my avatar would almost certainly need size A for leg length and size D for calf width. I have never found that choice available. When I can edit prims, I can make clothing work. In the real world, there are enough short, chubby people to make it worthwhile for some clothing manufacturers to cater to them. In SL, so few people choose to be short and chubby that it would not be worthwhile to a content creator to bother to make clothing to fit those few avatars. The market would be too small. Mesh worn as an attachment will not adjust to hight--only mesh worn as a clothing layer, right? Any clothing attachment that cannot be edited by the end user will probably be a problem for avatars with uncommon shapes. Well then I suppose it is much like males trying to get any decent clothing options for the last, mm, 7 years? Don't get me wrong, there are great male clothiers out there, you just have to expend some energy locating them, so yes, the market appeals to the masses, look for your short chubby shape clothiers, I'm sure they will exist, everything does in sl.
  9. Dogboat Taurog wrote: you may also get no thanks for helping, thats SL i suppose, some people think you are part of a machine. also some people dont want to be helped. That is true, several times if I offer help, it is assumed that I am an NPC. Of course I help when I can, and then tell them to have a nice day. I think this only serves to further the assumption that I am a machine.
  10. So don't change it cause it's just gonna get wiped again?
  11. So I saw that my profile pictures were missing so I added some new ones, also updated my Real Life. Everyone commented on them and liked what I had written, so I know people saw it. Well, just now, I logged in and noticed My pictures and Real Life info are missing again. Will it come back, or should I just go ahead and do it all over again? Everything's gone except interests and groups.
  12. Thank you I did not know. Tell the land owner that we are sorry.
  13. Demonsthenes

    How do I fly?

    How do I fly in a place where flying is not activated? Someone using viewer 1.23 was trying to tell me, but I use the newest viewer. Thank you.
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