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  1. Undertaker Stables in conjuction with Greymoon StableS are taking up donations for the Tsunami relief: **Tsunami Relief Disaster Fund at Greymoon StableS** ____________________________________________ We have donation jars rezzed out that show our main goal to reach for Linden to be able to cash out and make a sizable donation to the disaster relief in Japan. We will be donating to the Red-Cross as a direct payment after cashing the linden out, then we will post the transaction history on Goggle Documents for all the group members to be able to see their hard and generous donations first hand. This way you know your money is going to the place we say it is. Here at Greymoon Stables we encourage a family atmosphere, and families pull together and help each other out in times of need. And that is what we are here for Guys, so please be sure to swing by, and plop a little linden in the donation jars. (even if it's only 1L every little bit helps) we will keep the donations jars out till we reach our goal, and every time one of the jars reaches it's goal, we will post another document for you all to download and/or view there on google documents. For those of you, who wish to stop by and make a donation, the landmarks are included below: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ambiant%20Roses/39/85/21 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ambiant%20Roses/126/78/22
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