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  1. ok so there is this club that has one single tip jar that is unlimited like 100 employees can assign a hovering tip jar from that one tip jar anyone know where i can find that kind of script one thats cheap and full perm
  2. so there is this adam and eve virus that shows up in my secondlife viewer 2 in my library folder under clothes and intial outfits none of the items can be deleted and it steals my lindens and ive already cleared my cache threw prerefrences didnt work and my lost and found folder doesent have anything in it do i have to delete my account and make a new one
  3. is curious to why people dont make demo outfits so people will know it it looks right on thier avatar
  4. is there a way to find out what avatar shapes people are wearing i know you can right click object profile to find out what hair and clothes people are wearing
  5. lol ok but my forum has nothing to do with resident being next to the name it has to do with the main user name i wish you could change the sign up name because all my stuff is none transferable so i cant just make a new account id lose everything the stuff that cost hundreds of thousands of lidens even if i had to pay to change it id like to see that feature and would gladly pay
  6. I dont see why the creators of secondlife havent made a change user name feature even if they charged for it like 5$ us id gladly pay to get it changed the other reason i dont get why this is'nt already a feature is because almost all secondlife items that are made in good quality like realistic skins etc good outfits that cost hundreds of thousands of lindens are all none transferable weather bought in game or via marketplace and lastly i just hate being called by rocker when ive obviously changed my name to dani
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