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  1. A number of times in the last year when I got logged out of SL by a crash it completely corrupts my internet connection. I then have to call my provider and they have to reboot the network. This can take up to 30 minutes on hold with technical support. I have noticed that this only happens when Second Life crashes and no other program. This is very worrisome and I'm scared to log in now. Anyone else experience this? Per your request I am adding to my comment with additional information: You may be skeptical but it is happening and Second Life is causing the problem. This has now happened at least 8 times. The SL application freezes then I get a message saying that Second Life has logged me out and the whole screen turns gray. It doesn't knock out the internet every time, it happens but about 50% of the time. I have to call my ISP because rebooting my router doesn't work. They reboot from some other area in their internal system, I don't know the technical specifics. More additional comments: I am using FIOS so not sure how I change the DNS, but I'll look into it. This is definitely not an ISP out of someone's garage. It is VERIZON! I'm surprised that I'm the only one that has experienced this. I would like to find out if it's something in my settings or something. I guess that would be hard to ascertain. Is there a way to escalate this issue?
  2. When second life automatically downloads a new version of the program, it never installs properly and I have to manually download it. What's worse is that it puts the old version in the trash and I am unable to delete the files. How do I stop these automatic update downloads? It is extremely annoying to have to spend 1/2 hour each time trying to get these files to delete. I am on a IMAC using Snow Leopard.
  3. I can't view any profile at all in the viewer. It says SSL handshake failed. I used to be able to. I also have a mac. It seems like this is a feature that is pretty important. What should we do, revert to an earlier viewer? Lingo
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