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  1. jeder name ist einzigartig aber wenn wir schon gefragt werden ob es meine frau ist oder nicht oder was sie dort auf der sim für ein mist schreibt kann es den namen und das geschäfft meiner frau zerstören der name ist ähnlich also der komplette name meiner frau vor und nachname zusammen und ein resident dahinter das geht nicht ich bin mir sicher das dieser acc den ruf meiner frau zerstören will
  2. someone use the same name like my wife i need a live support(german ) =)
  3. that's right, the parents already have to be careful and the children use incorrect data-but they had to identify themselves and now LL makes everything easier for the child adult sim owner, and we have to completely seal off everything that harms our business and if all adults would go sl, would be a nursery and where do they get their money
  4. hi a check where nothing is checked this is the biggest waste ever I have an adult sim and I won´t have children on the sim It is unacceptable if it is made ​​so easy for children to get to places that are not suitable for them I do not think the staff of LL give their children a porno
  5. Hello Herewith I would like to complain the age verification is not sufficient children can enter a desired age imply, without any proven that it's true they can reach places that are not suitable for them this is absolutely unacceptable Sincerely, Recardo Paine It's not about the premium acc it's about if you create a free acc Enter the desired age and you're an adult that's not ok I've tried it myself a new acc and email why then is a check if nothing is checked then why put his sim in adult when kids come up here yet
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