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  1. This actually ended up being what worked - I had my slider all the way down to "low" without realizing it. As soon as I turned it up, the environment changed drastically and I could immediately see the things I had been missing before. Thank you!
  2. Recently I discovered a problem... and I'm not sure if its due to a setting I have chosen, or just my viewer (the most recent 2.0). The Events I'm Missing: My friends and family tell me that, on their computers they can see the fireplace in my home burning, and turning on and off. But I cannot.Another person said that he could see sparkle particles comming from my lantern... which I cannot. To test and try and isolate what was happening, I put on a heart emitter (just emits tiny hearts from my chest).... these hearts everyone else could see, but not myself. Additionally, my partner told me h
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