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  1. This actually ended up being what worked - I had my slider all the way down to "low" without realizing it. As soon as I turned it up, the environment changed drastically and I could immediately see the things I had been missing before. Thank you!
  2. Recently I discovered a problem... and I'm not sure if its due to a setting I have chosen, or just my viewer (the most recent 2.0). The Events I'm Missing: My friends and family tell me that, on their computers they can see the fireplace in my home burning, and turning on and off. But I cannot.Another person said that he could see sparkle particles comming from my lantern... which I cannot. To test and try and isolate what was happening, I put on a heart emitter (just emits tiny hearts from my chest).... these hearts everyone else could see, but not myself. Additionally, my partner told me he could see fairies, butterflies etc. in certain locations - items which, like everything esle, I could not see. I tried uninstaling and reinstaling to see if it may reset anything I may have accidentally changed, but it did not help. Is there anything I can do to change this? Any setting I may need to take a look at? Thank you for any assistance!
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