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  1. Thanks for your help. I think i could check for the group of any attached object on the avatar, and i'm pretty sure it will work most of the times, but it will still have the problems that Qie Niangao mentioned. I really wonder how, that object i've seen doing this, works. I'll have to buy it and see if i can discover something. Anyway.. thanks so much for your help!
  2. I can't find a way to get the group key of the avatar touching an object. What i wanna do is making my object work only for people on a certain group. Problem is, to avoid auto-return, my object is set on a different group. I am pretty sure there's a possible way of doing this, cause i've seen other objects doing it. The owner enters the group key on the description and it only works for that group. So far all i could find about groups is llDetectedGroup and llSameGroup which are very similar from what i understand, it just returns true or false whether the avatar touching it has the same active group as the object. In my case i don't want to compare the avatar's active group to the object's group but to a key stored on a variable. Is that possible?, if not .. what is it that, the object i've seen with the key on the description, can be doing?
  3. Thank you very much Innula, incredibly well explained, as all your posts i've read on this forum. You've helped me millions of times without knowing it 😉
  4. I'm trying to do an object that attached to the avatar will prevent them from teleporting. I'm using llOwnerSay("@tplure=n"), which works on avatars (or viewers) with RLV active. Problem is, those with RLV not active get that "@tplure=n" on local chat and i will like to avoid that and instead send them a message letting them know they have RLV deactivated. I'm pretty sure that has to be possible but i can't figure out how. I've seen some code using llSay(-1812221819, ...... This can avoid the local chat message, but i can't get that to work. I'm not sure how the whole sentence on this one would be. I've tried: llSay(-1812221819,(string)llGetOwner()+"@tplure=n"); llSay(-1812221819,(string)llGetOwner()+",@tplure=n"); llSay(-1812221819,"@tplure=n"); but no luck. Hope you can help me. Thanks!
  5. Thank you so much!. It's working now.. You both helped me a lot ... thanks!
  6. Hello, i'm not very good at this, but i wanna get the username of the owner of an object, so i made this: key Owner; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llSensor("", NULL_KEY,SCRIPTED , 3.0, PI); } sensor( integer detected ) { while(detected--) { Owner=llGetOwnerKey(llDetectedKey(detected)); llSay(0, Owner); llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), "The owner is: "+llGetDisplayName(CarOwner)+" ("+llGetUsername(CarOwner)+")"); return; } } } and what's killing me is that with some objects from certain owners it works just fine, and i get this: [10:23] Object: 7d42438e-d9c3-4b12-a610-34dfa6f29448 [10:23] Object: The owner is: Cielo Aulder (cielo.aulder) but with others i get something like this: [10:23] Object: 0c26902e-40c3-4fbe-98ef-3d9455292f10 [10:23] Object: The owner is: () Somehow llGetDisplayName and llGetUsername is not working there... but the key on Owner is fine. And I don't understand why with certain people it works just fine.. I hope you can help me. Thanks.
  7. sorry, if i misunderstanding something, but that disclosure says "Sharing personal information about other users, either directly or indirectly, without their consent". I'm talking of Local Chat, no personal information, and no "Sharing" ....also, from what i understand Local Chat is public.
  8. are objects reading Local Chat prohibited??.. I mean.. an object that reads local chat and send it to you when you're not there... is that against the rules?
  9. I'm trying to do a really basic mesh Shirt with a Logo (simple texture). I made the shirt in MD5, then exported it as obj to blender. But i have this problem: if i export the shirt without bind it to the armature i can see the texture, but i can not check the "skin weight" box on SL when i upload it Now when i bind it to the armature i can can check the "skin weight" box but i can't see the texture As you can see I am really new at this, i hope someone can help me. thank you!
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