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  1. I have lost all of my cabins and houses over 30 different ones and need help getting them back. The island gave me a 2 day notice Muirin after having it landscaped, paying mega dollars out and now i have lost all my cabins and houses in several folders and need help please? I have jumped through through Phoenix Firestorm release the new one and have emptied the cache as instructed along among other things to no luck. I can't take another financial loss and need your help SL please? CappinJack Mubble aka GypsyWolfen
  2. Heck my basic shaders turn up as a bright glow on the sl viewer and if i turn it off then i see no green grass...Any ideas how to help me? Thanks GypsyWolfen
  3. The new update ruined me. I took sl completely off have put it on 4x and it will not open? What can i do on my part,? Is there any assistance I can get plz to help me get back on? Thanks...CappinJack
  4. I tried to update to the newest update today 7-13-2011 and have down loaded 3x but no luck..Can anyone give me a heads up on how to get back on SL Thanks, CappinJack
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