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  1. Thanks I didn't know about that so I did edit it. I just find it odd that she has now banned me when I tried to help her and tell her of the doings. I can care less how many sims she owns. It just tells she is ok with age play on the sims she owns. Reports have been being done for months. It's just getting worse. And nothing has been done by LL or the owners
  2. I have been reporting over 15 times of age play with toddlers on a adult sim with adult avatars having sex with child avatars. I have told the owner that that put the people in there she does nothing. I then reported it to the owner of the sim. She don't care. She won't even come look. She said I am now banned from all her 1400 sims due to my reports that I reported of age play. Mind you I have the pictures as well and showed it all. Why hasn't LL done anything yet when many people are reporting? and can a 1400 sim owner do that to a person? she owns second life estates Just beware if you report anything on her sim she will ban you from all 1400 sims and tell you it was cause she don't like your eye color.  take a peek yourself http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Erotic%20Dreams/17/196/3007
  3. How do you do whisper or shout in singularity? as those do not work with that viewer
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