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  1. My products are unaffected atm but I cant understand why the Marketplace hasnt closed until this is fixed. I feel so sorry for those affected & dont want to think about the backlash from customers. This is an outrage!
  2. You need to file a ticket & start a JIRA bug report asap, I think if were me I would delist the stuff until its sorted. Good luck & do keep us posted as to what happens
  3. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Customers-receiving-Marketplace-items-that-I-am-not-paid-for/m-p/1237931/highlight/false#M12123 I just posted on a similar though not identicle issue. I have also filed a ticket because I am now concerned how many are getting my textures quite unwittingly for free! Compared to some merchants my takings are small fry, I feel even more sorry for anyone selling expensive items!
  4. Thanks I read it but it is a slightly different scenario as it is recorded in my transaction history but says delivery failed. It even says the same in the customers history yet she received the textures regardless. very worrying
  5. I just had a querie from a customer asking me to customise a texture she purchased from me on the marketplace, she even sent me the texture so I would know which one it was. When I check the transaction history the marketplace shows that the textures were not paid for & that the delivery partially failed! Looking at my records I dont have a particularly high proportion of delivery partially failed orders but there are enough to make me quite concerned at how many other customers have received goods that I have not received the money for! I shall of course file a ticket but does anyone else have any experience of this worrying phenomenon?
  6. Another thing I would add to the excellent advice above is to always be actually signed into the grid when you purchase things from the marketplace & make sure you are not in away mode etc etc. I spend a fortune there & can't actually remember the last time I had a delivery failure so I am convinced that the system for capping messages has a part to play in missed deliveries. As a merchant I would very much encourage you to contact the merchants your purchased from first as most of us are use to these little glitches & its usually an easy thing to resolve. Any reputable merchant can easily find your transactions & speaking personally I am always very happy to resolve problems if I am able. I hope you manage to get it all sorted, good luck )
  7. I just discovered that I have the same problem also! My main can log in & use the Marketplace with no problem but alts can't! I get the same message mentioned here & would love to see an answer.
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