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  1. I posted about that a few days ago, been having exactly the same issue, tried different soltutions proposed here, like changing the password... I also filed a ticket, first answer was that it was because "marketplace was under maintenance and it should be working now".. didn't work. So i filed another ticket to which i was answered to clear my brower's cache and delete all cookies and if it didn't work try with another browser or from another pc!! I did.. still doesn't work. They didn't answer my last ticket.. So if anyone who had this issue found a way to fix it.. again, it works perfectly with my main account not with my alt..
  2. Khennn

    log in marketplace

    I've created a new account today for an alt and i can't log into marketplace with it. Says the page hasn't been redirected properly.. When i try with my main account everything works perfectly. I'm sure of my username and password,i can access my account page on secondlife website, but even from there can't reach marketplace. Any idea why i'm encountering this issue?
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