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  1. For what it's worth, safety has to be the most important concern. I know some who have taken a SL relationship into RL and been successful. I've seen it turn just as toxic. In SL relationships, there has to be trust, and anyone who has been around and dated in SL knows from their own or other's experiences, it can be difficult. Partners just vanish, things can build for months, and end in minutes. It really and simply boils down to treating others as you want to be treated. You'll be hurt by it, but also rewarded by someone who sees your sincerity.
  2. You may want to search SecondLife places for dating. But, Talligurl is right, just go about your life and when that person comes, pursue the opportunity. It feels like turning over a lot of rocks and kissing a lot of frogs (like RL), but focus on you first. Build your business and in networking with potential customers, you never know. You could meet the one who introduces you to that one. 😃
  3. Lia, there are dating sims as well as family sims that try matching people up. But just doing a search for places with dating or adoption should get you started.
  4. I couldn't agree more, although there are dating sites for those looking in SecondLife.
  5. The answer is that "Select Only Locked Objects was checked" in Build and Options.
  6. Hello, I am not sure if it's something I did in my viewer, but all of the sudden when I edit an object and select face, I keep seeing "nothing selected". If I were to click on something else, it shows "nothing selected", whereas I used to be able to change between objects, whether it be in my house, or I am wearing them. These are objects I have owned or created, and could select face on before. This has to be something with my viewer. It can't be permissions, and this happens at home on my own land. Any advice or ideas?
  7. Thank you everyone for the replies. I didn't think anything was wrong with the group, but more what could have happened to the other resident. We'll see how the support ticket goes and will post if I find out anything. Premium comes with support, so I might as well use it once in a while. =)
  8. Some things should be considered sacred and not to be joked about. I knew someone that faked their own death here and when she came back, might as well have died in SL. Everyone turned their backs on her for doing it. You can't change a deceased condition.
  9. I would think that once an account is requested to be deleted, that everything would stop showing in search relatively quickly. For example, I rarely, if ever, search for a location in SL that gives me a bad landmark. Usually everything there seems updated quickly. Maybe location and people search works differently.
  10. This seems to happen way too often, sadly. But, in this case, she has only been gone barely a month but is a SL premium member. So, maybe the account is delinquent and never downgraded to basic? I'm not sure if that is an automatic transaction. I just have mine renew every year.
  11. Thank you Cindy, Alwin, and Claireschen. I don't think the 2 groups we checked would fall in the limit. Mine is barely 100 members and the other is not much more. Maybe the best recourse would be a support ticket since my group was one of those affected.
  12. Thank you Claireschen, there are just over 100 members. Would it apply in this case?
  13. Unfortunately, I can see this conversation spinning off topic and your answer really lacks any relevance or value to the original question.
  14. I'm quite aware RL doesn't end at leaving SL. I am asking for a friend who was partnered to her for over 4 years. Losing any kind of close friendship in that context does hurt. Although I appreciate your willingness to provide an off-topic answer to the question to add to your post numbers, I would prefer to keep this question on topic. Does anyone know why this may be?
  15. No, sorry, refreshing didn't help. It was in multiple groups too. I heard this is possible if she cancelled her account, but trying not to assume the worst.
  16. Hello, I have a friend who on her profile is in my group. However, when I look at a group membership, she is not in the group membership, but it's listed on her profile. I checked another group she is in through a mutual friend, and her profile lists the group, but she is not in the actual member list. Can someone explain why this is? Thank you, Kerri
  17. Most importantly, I am sorry for your loss. If I read this correctly, you had the member's login information, and if so, you can log in to secondlife.com and delete the account by going to the dashboard, clicking Account (Under Home), and Delete Account is the last link there. It may take some time to completely remove things from searches, but as it ws said, you can open a ticket if you need further clarification into this process. Again, i am very sorry for your loss.
  18. I don't know of a way, and the closest one is to file a support ticket in Help. It may fall on deaf ears, but you never know, I see that as a good feature myself.
  19. Hello, I am new to Premium and have a Quad home. I am looking to get a different home but would like to check before abandoning what I have. Is there any way I can do this? The only option I see is to go to my home. I'm hoping that I am just looking in the wrong place. Kerri
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