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  1. ☸ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ❃ ✺ ❇ ❈☸ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ❃ ✺ ❇ ❈ I hosting a small art show of pictures on simple frames of various scenes from my travels through Edinburgh, Bath, Spain, Gibraltar, Japan and Philippines. More pictures will be shown and replace over time for everyone's viewing pleasure. Hope to see you there. These pictures are for sale, prices ranging from 15L to 100L. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternity Lover/133/40/21 ☸ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ❃ ✺ ❇ ❈☸ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ❃ ✺ ❇ ❈
  2. Warm Greetings to all!!!! Come and visit us at Little Yoshiwara!!!!
  3. Please know that someone responded and took the job. Thank you all for your interests.
  4. Hello Mesh Creator out there, I am searching for someone who can create a mesh piece of clothing for me. This is a paying job. Please IM me in world for further details. Please only serious folks only. Thank you. Respectfully, Theaz Resident PS Not sure if this helps but I am in Sasebo, Japan so time zone wise be aware. secondlife:///app/agent/b1535c9a-0ea8-4da1-b3f4-1b0f6771082f/about
  5. If you not heard of Santa Ramona valley, why not give it a visit? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinpusher/162/95/2001
  6. So let me just start out by stating that if this is not the right thread for this, my sincere apologies. I wanted to ask for advice and maybe some information. I am thinking of hosting some events at one sim, maybe a upcoming singer, liver performer, even a comedian or two but after being away for so many years, I really do not know folks from the entertainment area anymore. So, any recommendations would be appreciated. Please feel free to drop me a notecard in world stating your terms and conditions if your such a performer and if you feel you are interested. For my side. I only plan to host an event once a month. I do not own the sim but I plan to take a lead and that position involved me being responsible on planning events. Drop me a notecard in-world with your information. Please send to Theaz. Thank you.
  7. Ohayo!! We are seeking a shogi teacher/s to teach our patrons, Geisha, Maiko, Minarai and anyone else whose interested in learning how to play this Japanese board game. We can offer you a regular position on staff and you may place out a tip jar. We intend to pay out a one time fee of 1000 L to start. Please if anyone is interested, pm the following ladies below in-world. Domo Arigatou!!! Yumieri (yumimomoko) Thea(Theazresident) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milarepa/78/113/44
  8. The Blue Velvet Troupe has some creative minds behind the scenes. If you are a type of individual who wishes to bring performing arts into SL, to enrich it and loves the notion to entertain folks in SL in a uniquely fresh style. This is the group of folks to join.
  9. Konnichiwa!!! Tonight- Possible presentation for public. "What is a Geiko?"This will likely be around 60 minutes long and take place in the ochaya. This is a great class for patrons and new trainees alike. Wednesday Evening- Around 7:30 pm slt, ozashiki Saturday Evening-Around 7:30 pm slt, likely ozashiki Both ozashiki's will feature a kyo-mai display and possibly a story told from Japan's past. I do hope you all join me for these events! Grab your carriage ride below. Domo Arigatou http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milarepa/84/115/44
  10. Ohayo, We sincerely express our gratitude to all our dear patrons who came and celebrated ths sim's 7th Anniversary.
  11. Little Yoshiwara Festival starts tomorrow!!!! Below is the schedule of events for Friday! 6 AM SLT: Shinto mikoshi procession and Uzume: Amaterasu Shinto shrine - Geisha Xuemei Yiyuan presiding 9 AM SLT - Relay For Life Celebration - see our wonderful temple for RFL - Maiko Yumieri and Maiko Yousei as Hostess and builder 12 PM SLT- Birthday Festival Lantern Lighting - Maiko Yumieri as Hostess and builder 2 PM SLT- Geisha Disco - Geisha Yoneyu Hostess ((OOC)) 4 PM SLT - Sim Hunt - Stolen Treasure of the Emperor - Kadaj Host 6 PM SLT - Geisha Odori at the Pavilion Stage - Geisha Lian Hostess Take the LM below and ask for help if you wish to attend these events Domo Arigatou!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milarepa/78/113/44
  12. Yes there are some rentals. Please contact Obaasan and she will show you which ones. ) Since I am female I am not sure which trousers you are referring too lol.
  13. Ohayo! Are you interested in roleplay while being a member of a clan? How about roleplaying as a Samurai or a ninja? Do you wish to explore what Bushido means to you? How about joining the Little Yoshiwara Uji Dojo!!!! Roleplay in a Japanese Meiji era town and cultural center, be a part of a community keen on pursuing arts in the traditional Japanese atmosphere. The sim has a need for Samurai and ninja who are keen on roleplaying a life influenced by the Bushido. contact the following individuals. Xuemei Yiyuan Sayu ( Empressroslyn winlset ) Kadaj Yoshikawa http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milarepa/118/163/44 Domo Arigatou
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