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  1. I'm so new that the expression "text-based" just hit me. I noticed that there are /rock, /paper and /scissors gestures preloaded, and I have heard of LARP groups that use RPS for conflict resolution. This makes me wonder if it isn't possible to use some light LARP (live-action role play) framework. Still, when we speak (and write) of immersion (which I enjoy so much!), it is really not the same to se and hear an arrow thunk into you and see some meter move than to read, "Scissors cut paper [or whatever]. You have an arrow in your thigh." So far my melee practice is awful. Just awful. But th
  2. Hey! Great Heinlein sig quote! Two thumbs up, Rhonda!
  3. Thank you. Why is this so hard to find? Should be a link from my dashboard, yes? It's the 21st century....
  4. I want to beef up my Profile to help people recognize that I RP and approach me for it ... but for the noobian Second Life of me I can't figure out how to edit my profile. I'm using the v2.x viewer (and have tried the Phoenix third-party viewer and switched back to v2.x). I click on the underlined "Edit Profile" link ... precisely Richard occurs. I want to encourage people, especially who want to RP, to better use their profiles to help others "find" them and to give "pegs" on which to hang a new RP effort. ("If my Klingon odor offends you, move along.")
  5. I started RP, not counting "Let's Pretend" sessions in the back yard with the neighbor kids and sticks for swords, in 1977. It has been my main hobby in one form or another ever since. (Reading is not a hobby ... it is nurishment.) I tried SL in 2007 and it was over the pay grade of my laptop at the time. Happily I tried it again a couple of weeks ago and there are fewer (actually, NO) griefers where I roam ... but, also, precious little RP of any kind, even "bad" RP. This all matters because I think I know from RP ... and I came to SL after 2.3 years on WoW left me brutally bored. No good R
  6. If this comes up twice it's because I couldn't tell it posted earlier. Rented my first loft. Bought furniture. Nothing will rez in my pad. Syas I am allowed 50 prims and zero used now, so what's up? Thanks for saving my landlord my noob questions. ;)
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