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  1. Ok treid what you guys suggested so far my person has clothes now, but cant move at all, all the other people look gray and transparent, i dont know what else to do, should i just give up very frustrating. cant teleport, comunnicate, or move, this is pointless
  2. Ok treid what you guys suggested so far downloaded main viewer secon life and now my person is a white circle and cant move around again. Very frustrated.
  3. Ok i downloaded the main viewer like u suggested, and now my person looks like a white circlte and wont move around after ten minutes or so, then it disconnected me, now what can i do please
  4. Hello, need some help, i have checked my system requiremnts and everything checked out fine, i downloaded phoenix and have tried to choose beta and second life when logging in, after logging in my avatar or person is not visible its just a white cloud or something, sometimes i can move, and when i teleport it says unavailable. My computer is a dell laptop pentium R dual-core T4300 2.10 GHz 3.00 GB installed ram 64 bit operating system. Please help, do i need to change something or run a different second life program besides phoenix.
  5. Hello, having trouble moving, is there something im not doing, do i need to change something, im pressing the arrow keys not lettting me move.
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