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  1. I was a customer in a store (DMC)...I bought an item for 2800L...There was non-delivery on the item...I asked for a re-delivery or to refund my money but was told that they did not refund money and would not re-deliver...I was told that I had to go to Linden to get a re-delivery...This is crazy...I did not pay LL...LL did not have the item...Why do i have to go to LL and ask for anything??? The transaction was between the store and me...LL had nothing to do with it....Its the stores responsibility to deliver, not LL...If there has to be an interaction between LL and someone, it should be bet
  2. Will32990

    llogging on.

    i cant log on to Sl....when the software runs, it stops at Initializing VFS..wont go any further.....What can i do?
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