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  1. Hello, awhile back on like my second day of using the viewer 2.5 soemthing, a friend that I had just met made me a collar and gave it to me. When I wore it she discovered that it was not placed properly on my avatar (it was in my kinda in my check, too far down), so she asked me to give her rights to edit the collar that I was wearing to properly place it on me. I couldnt figure out how. She gave me directions on how to do it, but I couldnt find want she was describing. Now about a month later, the misplacement of the collar is really bothering me and I would love to give my friend the rights to edit it, but I still cant figure out how to. So how do I give my friends the rights to the products (or just a certain product/ object) that I am wearing or using? I probably didnt word that properly, so I'll give an example. A few weeks ago, one of my friends were buidling a house and One of her Friends was helping her build it even though my friend owned all of the objects. SO I think that is what Im asking about.
  2. Yeah Im friends with my friends' friends, it seems like everyone I've met so far on SL knows each other. Its good, like one big group of friends. Also I agree with you...
  3. This is very nice, I'll look into donating some, Japan needs all the help they can get.
  4. No you dont have to be similar to someone to be their friend, though I am friends with my identical twin and he is just like me in everyway, except for the fact that he likes to threaten me whenever we dont agree. Its good to be close to those with opposing beliefs, that allows you to have interesting conversations, by surrounding yourself with people who are just like you, things are bound to get dull. Thats with me atleast.
  5. Over Cast and chilly! Its gonna flud tomorrow! (Northern Part of the east coast of america)
  6. Welcome back! even though I wasnt around whenever you were last around. Lol Im a complete newbie. If you want friends that are compleletly new, im a good choice:smileywink:
  7. Im pretty new, so I havent really developed a look for my avatar yet, though currently, its not me at all.
  8. If you want to move to some place that gets warm, but not hot hot, then come to Maryland. We get just the right mixture of drouts and and heat waves during the summer, and the wheather man is always wrong during the winter.
  9. Love is, for me atleast, when you dedicated yourself to a single person, give them your undivided attention. It is when this person is like the world to you, and if you were to lose said person, you would die. I would go on but it is late and I have found I tend to repeat myself when Im trying to say something serious.
  10. Im very new here, but I hope to fly, which I already have in second life all I have to do is hold page up button. I also hope to do things not possible in rl, such as being creaturs other than humans, which unfortinately I cant really do atm since I lack the Lindens needed. So... there is my goal.
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