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  1. Probably a dumb question but does anyone know what the cost of a region would be for a non - profit organisation, and what allowances are afforded such organisations, if any. Many thanks for your answers.
  2. I have a few offices for rent in a nice location in a parcel that is specifically for Genealogists or family historians. Ideally individuals who have research connections or are Genealogists from Ireland England Australia the USA or Canada are encouraged to take advantage of this offer. This complex is for genealogy only and businesses associated with genealogy. (EG photo restoration Historical Societies Genealogy book sellers etc etc.) PLEASE NOTE: NO OTHER BUSINESS WILL BE ALLOWED RENT AT THIS STAGE. The complex is owned by The Art of Mental Illness art gallery and all proceeds go toward the funding contributions of the gallery. Although the rent is low, as with other fund raising we hope to encourage patrons of the complex to donate to the gallery. The complex is situated here at Kangaroo (202, 194, 62)
  3. T A M I, The Art of Mental Illness, is an art gallery in development, being established for the exhibition of all forms of art by people who deal with mental illness daily. The gallery is managed by founder and curator, Danny Noyes, whose real life persona has suffered with Bipolar Affective Disorder with Suicidal Ideation for over a decade. Being a resident of Second Life since 2006, I have become aware of the value that this place can bring, in gathering people from all over the world with like minds, ......even if they can be, a little unstable at times . My real life persona has found that people with such conditions have talents that so often go unrecognised. Sometimes, because of the stigma and misunderstanding these diseases have within our communities, others, because of the extremely poor self esteem or outrageously high expectations. Such is the manner of some disorders. Using second life and creating a supportive community around this gallery, will I’m sure, build an understanding, that all of us in the mental health community, carers and affected, should look forward too .This Gallery then is established with this objective. To provide an outlet within second life to exhibit, discuss and support, residents with artistic passion who suffer with mental health issues .To exhibit all forms of the arts at no cost to the artist .To only have original work that may be sold directly through the artist .To encourage artists to provide links and information to their real world art for proper exposure. To seek support from benefactors to improve the real life exposure of the artists with mental health issues .The Art of Mental Illness – Art gallery Is for all of us who feel safe in Second Life living with these wretched conditions. For more information please visit the info desk at the gallery. Search for T.A.M.I - The Art of Mental Illness, in world. at the gallery you can pick up our magazine that has more detail of what we hope to achieve. TAMI is a non profit organisation and does not take commissions or any funds from contributing artists. All moneys remain with the artist. If you could join the group that would be helpful too.... Saphire 93,227,85
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    Please Help

    Thank you to all who replied I have finally got it working. There must have been a glitch between when I signed up and accepted the terms of agreement and when Lindens send out the email. Thanks for your help one and all.
  5. Thank you to all but I have gotten to the part where they will send me the email. The email has not arrived and under my land it tells my nothing.
  6. Danny Noyes

    Please Help

    I dont know what link you are talking about. I clicked on the get premium button on the dashboard when I purchased All my details say I am premium and money is out of my CCard. but I have no link email or house. Please Help
  7. I dont know what link you are talking about. I clicked on the get premium button on the dashboard when I purchased All my details say I am premium and money is out of my CCard. but I have no link email or house. Please Help
  8. I signed up for premium but I have no house how come
  9. Where is my new house. I picked one named it went to the credit card page filled in the details they said i would get an email. but none I checked back at the nhouse I wanted now its not in the list WHERE IS MY HOUSE
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